Today in Tweets

There has been mucho discussion of fried banana pies on the real Twitter and it is making my mouth water.  Somebody in the blogosphere needs to do this.  Oh, and you’ll probably want to use Kirsten’s amazing pie crust.

I had my first successful Neti pot experience yesterday and it was as disgusting as it seems.  But sort of that fascinating disgusting…know what I mean?

Josie does this new trick where she brings me her collar when she wants a walk.  SO DEMANDING!

We upgraded our DVR, so now it can hold hundreds of shows at a time.  I’m in trouble!  I already watch approximately 500 hours of tv per week, but now I have extra time for shows like Dance Moms.  ruh roh

Fall has made an appearance in SoCal!  I know this because I found apples in my CSA box this week 🙂

I want to install a fro-yo machine into my kitchen.  That doesn’t seem terribly unreasonable.

Jonathan found this site for recipe collecting.  What do you use to keep your recipes all in one spot?  I need to use some sort of system.


What are your tweets for the day?





4 thoughts on “Today in Tweets

  1. How long have Crunch Jalapeno Cheetos been around, and why did I just find out about them today?

    Men – can’t live with ’em; can’t shoot ’em. Well, you can in Texas but you have to have a pretty good reason. Trying to steal your jalapeno Cheetos doesn’t count evidently.

    If you get a fro-yo machine, can I get a frozen margarita machine? Fair’s fair.

    I though Josie fetching her leash was adorable. Adorable/demanding. Same thing.

    The Complete Package & I split a caramel brownie dessert at dinner tonight that was the size of our heads. People were staring, but we didn’t care. Screw them. It was a CARAMEL BROWNIE THE SIZE OF OUR HEAD, DUDE! With ice cream. Who wouldn’t put that sucker down?

  2. I’ve used Evernote and now Pinterest for my recipe keeping needs, but once I try a certain recipe I print it out and add it to a folder with the title “to file” that has been storing my recipes for 4 years…

  3. I saw Dance Moms for the first time the other night. Lucky me, it was a marathon from which I couldn’t look away–until 2 a.m. when I forced myself to go to bed.

    I type my personal recipes in Word. I’ve yet to find a better software solution that doesn’t require me having a bunch of pre-loaded recipes that I don’t care about, nor need constant internet access to view them. I have separate files for other people’s recipes that I want to try.

    I admire NanaBread’s willpower in sharing that caramel brownie sundae with TCP. I don’t care how big it was, I’d put a hurtin’ on it. Brownie sundaes tremble in my presence.

    I was pretty ticked last night that Vs. pre-empted the PBR Iron Cowboy event in favor of a college football game between two “who cares” teams. Sometimes a girl needs to relax in front of the bull-snot cam.

    I watched several more episodes of The Tudors on Netflix. I love historical fiction, so it goes without saying that I’m now completely obsessed with Henry VIII.

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