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I’m a 20-something native Minnesotan.  I moved west to follow a man (something I swore I would NEVER ever do) and things are going quite well.  We have a crazy pug puppy and spend most of our time kickin it around Long Beach, CA.

My passions in life (at the current moment) are cooking, travel, reading, animals, technology, counseling, outdoor adventures, and laughing hard. My blog should reflect the fact that I love new experiences and that I don’t take life too seriously.

I asked a few of my friends to create a list of “interview” questions for me so my readers could get a better sense of who I am.  Here goes…

If you were on death row, what would your last meal be and why? (and what crime would you have committed?)
My last meal would be a cheese platter, complete with sides of pesto, caprese, assorted meats, and crackers.  I would probably ask for a bottle of Reisling (I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t be allowed in prison) to wash away the last of my pains.  For dessert I would like a rich flourless chocolate cake with assorted berries and cream.  I’m pretty sure if I didn’t die from the execution, I would die from a dairy overload.
Of course my crime would be one of passion.  I would most likely have murdered a gang of evil dolphin hunters on my way home from stealing millions in diamonds and semi-precious stones.  I’ve always wanted to dress up in a black leotard and catapult my way through a room of magically visible laser security beams.  I see this as a reality.

If you were stuck on a desert island with one celebrity, who would it be and why?
My first instinct was to say Leonardo DiCaprio, especially after seeing him in The Beach.  But I think the sexiness would wear off on me after awhile and I would need the likes of Conan O’brien to keep me sane with hilarious jokes.  Although, I think I would have a real shot at survival with Captain Jack Sparrow.  Final answer?  Johnny Depp

If you could be cast in a reality tv show, which one would you audition for?  OR, what reality tv star do you find to be your secret soulmate?
I would definitely want to be a part of Real World Minneapolis.  I would get drunk every night, cheat on my boyfriend (despite promises to love him forever), slap a ho in the face, and show my undies on national television.  Naaaaah.  I think I would like to be on “Say Yes to the Dress”.  I have a secret dream to become a bridal gown salesperson at Kleinfeld’s.
I don’t watch much reality tv beyond shows on A&E and TLC.  To be honest, most of those shows star new dads or meth-heads.  Neither of which I’m interested in at all.

If you were a cookie cutter, what design would you be?
A gingerbread man.

Top 5 Bucket List Items
In no particular order:
1)  Dance like Michael Jackson–This has been on my mental bucket list since I can remember.  I’m not sure what steps I will take to get there, but I know it will happen for me eventually.
2)  Travel to South America–Everything there looks so beautiful and so full of culture.
3)  Have children–I definitely need these awesome genes to be passed on to awesome little tots.
4)  Learn to take decent photographs–I love photography and would love to explore this more.
5)  Make the perfect burger–I have perfected a few dishes, but burger is on the top of my list at the moment.

What has been the best pick up line used on you? or by you?
I have a signature mating call reserved for the truly special occasion.  I wouldn’t call it a cat-call, but it is sort of a throat gurgle thing.  Truly sexy.  I have used it many many times and it has worked every time.  I have tried to pass the wisdom onto others, but you have to be 100% confident or you will come across like an idiot.
No man has every used a good pick-up line on me.  One that was particularly cliche and horrible, “You come here often?”  Me: Uhmm…not anymore.

What’s your all time favorite book? Why?
So many favorite books!  I love to read, but I have a particular soft spot for The Things They Carried.  Tim O’brien is one of my favorite authors, so that’s not too surprising.
Runners up:  Memoirs of a Geisha for the truly romantic love story and great “bad guy” characters
any book by Bill Bryson.  All of his stories remind me of my travel adventures and what those adventures might have been like with my dad.  Also, he’s hilarious!

If you had to look at one painting/photo on your bathroom wall for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Hrmmm…I think I would want a personal photograph of my pet or some scenery from a great adventure I had been on.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. If I was in prison my last meal would be desert. LOTS of desert. Mostly chocolate desert. But also maybe some creme brulee. With a side of chocolate lava cake.

    (I have a teeny tiny little bit of a sweet tooth.)

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  4. What a fabulous “About” page. It’s so nice to find another Angeleno! Long Beach is beautiful and has come a long way from when I used to work there. It is so full of life now!

    I fear that if you read my blog I will convince you that having kids is a thankless job. That might make space for another item on your bucket list. 🙂

  5. Mads, I love this page (and the rest of your blog) for the following reasons:

    – It’s intelligent but not grandiose.
    – You like a lot of the same things I like.
    – You understand the rules of good design, making your layout clean & tidy. When I get a headache from looking at a blog, it doesn’t matter how good the writing is, I refuse to keep it on my screen more than a few seconds. I could read yours all day and not get a headache.

    Keep it up!

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