A look back with La Petite Pancake highlights

Hey team,

Stephanie recently gave me the task of looking back on a few of my old posts.

It turns out, I’ve been at this blog for almost 2 years and a whopping (for me) 320 posts!  This blog started out as a way for me to document my life, but it has turned into so much more than that.  I’ve found the start of my voice, I’ve made friends, and I look forward to blogging *almost* every week.

So, here goes…a look back at a few of my most notable posts:

Most Beautiful:

The one where I shout my love for Jonathan from the rooftops.  I could add a million reasons why I love him to this post, but 25 is enough for now.  Gotta keep him guessing, right?

Most Helpful:

The one where I reveal the truth about wedding dress shopping.  This is probably the biggest wedding secret that was never revealed to me, but every woman should know about.

Most Controversial:

The one where I got real about plagiarism.  I feel very strongly about stealing content, but I sometimes forget that those principles apply to the internet too.  This post reminds me that the internet isn’t a free-for-all and that you still need to cite your sources.

Most Popular:

The one where I discover the life of pugs.  Pretty much any post about Josie receives way more traffic than posts where I talk about human beings.  This is probably my favorite Josie post and the pictures still crack me up.

Most Underrated:

The one where I confront the validity of Sandra Lee’s “cooking” show.  I felt like there could have been quite extensive and hilarious banter on this, but I settled for the hilarity that ensued on Twitter.  Bless multiple social-media outlets.

Most Surprisingly Successful:

The one where I make pecan pie.  I get several hits weekly for this post, mainly the hits are from people looking for When Harry Met Sally quotes.  Sadly, I doubt any of them made the incredible pie that this post actually features.

Most Pride Worthy:

The one where I quit my job, moved across the country, and started acting like a grown up.  I often forget how huge of a leap I took, but it makes me incredibly happy and proud that I am capable of changing the course of my life.

I would love to take a tour of these blog histories:

Comfortably Domestic

Tenaciously Yours

Inside NanaBread’s Head

Sweeter Salt

Of Muses and Meringues


6 thoughts on “A look back with La Petite Pancake highlights

  1. I love that Josie post. I still open it from time to time just to chuckle over those photos. I dream of kidnapping Josie and making her my own – in a totally non-threatening way.

    I also loved your Sandra Lee story. It confirmed my long-held belief that there’s something oddly sinister going on there. AND it introduced me to “My Drunken Kitchen” – bonus!

  2. LOVED the Jonathan Top 25. And any post with Josie. Or a My Drunk Kitchen reference. A Today in Tweets post featuring all 3 would probably send me over the edge. In the best way.

    Thanks for the tag–it’ll be fun to dig through the blog-closet.

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