Today in Tweets

It’s been a loooong time since my last post on “Today in Tweets”, but I’m back and I’m bad.  And I’m mostly tweeting things that are over 140 characters…deal with it.  Enjoy!  


This summer was a lesson in never giving up on being a tourist in my own town.  It was also a lesson in things I will do to find air conditioning around the city.

I am convinced Bikram yoga is the primary source of all communicable diseases.  You will not find me trapped in a room next to MRSA Myrtle and her sweaty yoga mat.

Happiness is found in the shape of an owl “piggy” bank, a pig key holder, a cow creamer, and pug salt and pepper shakers.  My apartment is on the verge of becoming a crazy cat lady paradise.

Can we please all ban together and agree to migrate from Facebook to another better social media platform?  #OnceMoreIntoTheFray

My “to try” recipe binder is 10x the size of my “faves” recipe binder.  This will only grow exponentially as we eat frozen foods and dine out several times per wk.  #problemswithfoodporn

Sometimes when I am canceling plans with you, I am actually staying home to watch a tv series from start to finish over the course of 1 wknd.  Antisocial or productive?

Do I just step around the homeless man who sleeps on our front stoop?  So is this what Snoop was talking about in “LBC Thang”?


What does your day look like in tweets?


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