Josie learns to fly

I realize that I am a crazy person who has to show the world pictures of her dog.  Probably someday I will be one of those crazy people who has to show the world wallet sized pics of my children.

Deal with it.

If you don’t like pictures of adorable things, I implore you, LOOK AWAY!

Josie thinks she is a model.

Anyway, we are taking her home to Minneapolis with us for Christmas.  This is not as easy as it sounds.  You need a perfectly sized air suitcase, extra piddle pads/toys/food (meaning we have to check a bag), potty breaks in the airport god-knows-where, $200 for her plane ticket, and Xanax to make sure that you can handle your puppy under the seat in front of you for 4 hours.

It won’t be pretty.

Her suitcase finally came from Amazon and we tested it out to make sure she wouldn’t freak out in there.

She didn’t quite get it:

Shoving treats in there helped, but I’m still not convinced she understands:

Ok, now she’s just showing off:

Have you ever traveled with your pet?  Any tips?


p.s. Sorry for the poor photo quality.  I am convinced that bloggers with awesome pictures live without night-time.

13 thoughts on “Josie learns to fly

  1. Josie is so cute! And is the Xanax for you or the dog? Because you both could use it on a plane if you dislike flying like I do! I have taken many road trips with my dogs but it’s not near the same lol!

  2. I love looking at Josie pictures. And the first one is my favorite. Followed by the 3rd one. You’ll have to let me know how traveling with Josie goes. I’ll be traveling with Loki soonish. : )

  3. We bring Stan every time we go to Madison. 4 hours in the car with a puppy is tricky. At least his car sickness is gone so now I don’t have to clean up his puke 5 times each trip!

  4. so cute! good luck, traveling with pugs can be challenging. my puggle strongly dislikes the car, and my parents’ pug HATES it. i’ve never flied with either one though, so hopefully she’ll do well!


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