Flour on my face…the Christmas Cookie Miracle

This year I made it my goal to make Christmas cookies.  I also made it my goal to try a few new recipes.

I don’t have the time or energy to re-post the 4 new recipes I tried, but I wanted to try out a recipe review of sorts.  Before I begin, a quick note, all of these cookies were delicious.  —————————————————————————————–

The first was the one I was most excited about: Mama Pea’s Christmas Dough Balls.

Image courtesy of Mama Pea

The only way you haven’t heard about these is if you don’t hang out on the internet or you live in some sort of bloggy bubble (or so I was told a week ago, when I was hearing about these for the first time).  Everybody is trying them.  I don’t usually do what everybody else is doing, but sometimes I have to test out pop culture phenomenons…that’s just how I roll.

The recipe is SO easy!!  And rolling the balls in toppings was fun!  Sadly, mine ended up like flat underbaked cookies.  Nothing resembling the pretty dough pictured above.

I read a few of her comments, and I’m not the only one with the problem.  Perhaps there is some sort of miracle method of making them doughy?  Whatever the case, I need a fail-proof recipe, not something that requires a magic touch.  I don’t got dem magic touches.

p.s. Her blog is pretty freaking adorable every day.


The next recipe comes from a blog I frequently go to for recipes: Picky Palate’s Gingersnaps.

Image courtesy of Picky Palate

This recipe was also super easy, but some of the ingredients are not typically found in your pantry.  I had to run out (*had to make Jonathan run out*) for ground ginger and ground cloves.

The gingersnaps were outstanding!

This is your next gingersnap recipe, hands down.


The next recipe comes from a blog I just found: Chocolate and Carrot’s Quick Saltine Toffee Bark.

Image courtesy of Chocolate and Carrots

Another very easy recipe.  The sugar is very apparent in this “bark”, so you have to have a big sweet tooth for it to be enjoyable.  These were Jonathan’s favorite.

Saltine Bark would be the perfect dessert to make with your kids as a project.  Plus, kids gobble up sugar like crack.


The last recipe is from one of the blogs I regularly check out: The Life & Loves of Grumpy’s Honeybunch’s Chocolate Mint Creams.


mint chocolate creams
Image courtesy of The Life & Loves of Grumpy’s Honeybunch

This was by far the most difficult and by far the tastiest (in my opinion).  Of course, I couldn’t find anything remotely similar to the “pastel cream mint kisses” the recipe calls for, but some white chocolate peppermint bark did the trick.


I will be making these again.

Worth the effort!


Do you bake holiday cookies each year?  What recipes did you attempt this year?

I hope everyone is feeling the holiday love.  If nothing else, I hope we are all surviving the crappy weather across the nation.



8 thoughts on “Flour on my face…the Christmas Cookie Miracle

  1. Guess I live in a bloggy bubble…I hadn’t heard of the dough balls your have here either…but they look delish! Glad you enjoyed the mint creams – they are dreamy….which is why they are made only once a year! 😉

  2. Same here with the bloggy bubble . . . I totally hadn’t seen those before! I wish they’d turned out, but now that I know they need a magic touch I’m hesitant to try them. Anyway, I do NOT normally bake cookies each year but partly because of my experience learning to cookie decorate at the PW’s, a friend and I are baking for our New Years party. I’m excited . . . and nervous . . . I really don’t want to mess up that royal icing!

  3. Totally have heard of the dough balls and have really WANTED to try them, but my mom and I make so many other cookies for xmas that they haven’t made the cut yet. Once I make them I will let you know how they go! But hey sugar + butter = always tasty despite what they may look like 🙂

  4. We did a cookie exchange at work today, but I cheated and made squares 🙂
    I love gingerbread at this time of year and thoroughly enjoy (this is cheating again because it’s not homemade) Starbucks’ ginger molasses cookies 🙂

    I also hadn’t heard of the dough balls, but they look amazing and I LOVE chocolate bark!

  5. My Mom always does Peanut Blossoms and gingerbread ornaments for the tree.

    In mi casa, this year I actioned some dough balls and some cake batter bark, but really, I’m just not feeling the epic baking vibe this year. We’ll call it a warm-up?

  6. These Dough Balls are everywhere! I swear I must be the last person out there who hasn’t yet made them. I’m dying to try them! Hopefully in January at some point 🙂

    I’m a cookie-baking machine during December–it’s my favorite time of year! This year I made White Chocolate- Oreo Dipped Pretzels, Peanut Butter Balls, Oreo Truffles, Red Velvet Cookies, Molasses Cookies, and Haystacks. Needless to say I went into baking overload this season!

    Your treats look AMAZING! Looks like a successful baking streak 🙂

  7. The only one I make at Christmas is with the Keebler crackers (oval ones). Put peanut butter between two. Melt one half of the brick of almond bark (white one). In my microwave it takes 3 minutes and then I stir until it’s all melted. Then take the cracker with the peanut butter between some tongs and stick it in the almond bark. Place a couple Christmas colored M&M’s and let cool on wax paper. Everyone loves them. Love, Aunt Jill

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