To brunch or not to brunch

Kat recently posted about her goal to brunch.  To be honest, I think that is the best type of goal.  It’s specific, attainable, measurable, and it is something you actually want to do.  My goal to be more involved on the interwebs was similar in its structure.

1-Start a blog and write something each week.

2- Get on Yelp Elite by writing reviews

3- Set up a Google RSS and interact with my favorite bloggers.

I started talking about goals and the internet, but really I want to get back to brunch.  Brunch!  Who doesn’t love brunch? The fact that you can eat waffles, fruit, spiral ham, pasta salad, cheesy potatoes, and fish all in one meal is undoubtedly the best thing in the world.

This morning I woke up feeling “brunchy”.  I put on my chef’s hat (aka my elastic hair tie) and hopped into the kitchen.  I just got a huge crate of strawberries at the farmer’s market, so I knew that was on the agenda.

Welcome Epicurious app for the iPad.

I simply typed in “strawberry” and “breakfast” and it found something magically delicious for me!  PANNEKOEKEN!

This recipe is so simple and yet, the result is so fancy.

Serves ~ 4

You will need:
3 Tbsp. butter
3/4 cup whole milk
3 large eggs
3/4 cup flour
Pinch of Salt
Dash of cinnamon
Quick splash of Vanilla or Almond extract (or both!)
2 tsp. sugar
1/4 cup powdered sugar

Ok.  Preheat the oven to 450 degrees.

First take 2 tsp. sugar and sprinkle it over your clean strawberries.  Let this sit out on the counter while you do the rest of the baking.

Then blend 3/4 cup whole milk with 3 large eggs.  Make sure your wrist is at a really uncomfortable angle for this part.  (I used a combo of whipping cream and skim milk because I didn’t have whole milk on hand)

Then add 3/4 cup flour, a pinch of salt, a dash of cinnamon, and a quick splash of vanilla.

Now you will need to preheat the pan and 3 Tbsp. of butter in the oven.  The original recipe suggests using a cast-iron pan, but I am not a crazy chef person.  I am just an average person with normal tools.  Hence, the glass dish.  The preheating of the pan took about 4 minutes.

Now take your batter and dump it into the warm butter pan and pop it back into the oven for 10-15 minutes.  The batter will start poofing up and it should eventually turn golden brown.  You’ll know when it’s done.

Woah butter!

Then top with your gooey berries and however much powdered sugar makes you happy.


6 thoughts on “To brunch or not to brunch

  1. Luckily I didn’t have anyone to impress, but it was super simple.
    Do you have any go-to brunch recipes?
    I love the idea of apples in a banana bread…I’ll have to try your recipe out.

  2. Ooh, do you want to be a Yelp Elite in Los Angeles?? I’m one in LA East. That’d be really cool if you became one! I can nominate you when you get enough reviews, you just have to let me know your user name.

  3. I definitely do! I never got a chance to attend any of the Elite events in Minneapolis and was uber bummed.
    I’ll give you a nomination too, I think we both need more reviews 😉

    username–Madelyn S.

  4. Oh, I’m already Elite too! I looked you up and I don’t think you need to do anything else to be Elite in LA. I think it’s transferable/you can just RSVP to the events without any questions asked 🙂

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