Sunday Links 09.19.10

Thank goodness science prevails and I can stop doing those thousands of daily sit-ups…oh…wait…*cough*

I love Lady Gaga.  You might know this about me after reading a previous post.  However, her meat dress worn to the VMAs totally disappointed me.  Not only was it yucky (and I’m sure she was emitting some naaaaaaastay odors), but there was no purpose behind it.  The reason I love her so much is the thought she puts into each of her wardrobe choices and performances.  Her thin attempt to create meaning from this outfit was lost on me.  “The same rights as the meat on our bones”?  What was she talking about?!?  What rights was she referring to?  I’m so totally lost and disappointed.  Blegh.

Remember the old prank of telling somebody you would give them one hundred dollars to do something naughty or gross and then later on telling them you said “doll-hairs”?  I do!  And this prank reminded me of that.

I don’t mean to alienate any of my readers, but I’m guessing you can already tell that I like President Obama.  He’s not the best president in the land, but he’s eloquent and tries to do right by America (even if he doesn’t always succeed).  But one of my favorite things about Obama is that he’s a real human being and not a robot.  hehehe

I’m surprised this chick didn’t get brain damage, but isn’t the host’s reaction hilarious?  KEEP GOING!!!

What is with America’s fascination with celebrities?  I dunno, but I’m right there with them.  I used to read Perez all the time (the last straw with him was when he called Mischa Barton fat) and I LOVE buying smut magazines for days at the cabin.  It cannot be helped.  The strangest thing on this list of celebrity collections?  Weird Al Yankovic.

Speaking of weird things.  I’ve never seen any cartoon skeletonized, but I kinda love it in a morbid way.

I think this is by far the most morbid post I’ve had on my blog.  I think the internet was just having a goofy week?  In any case, I hope you still enjoyed it you sicko.



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