Cake Week: Molten Lava Cake!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!!!  You might not know this, but it’s also CAKE WEEK!!!

This is a very special Valentine’s Day for me, because it will be the last time I spend this holiday as an unmarried lady!

Honestly, I don’t care that Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark Holiday, I LOVE IT!  What’s wrong with a day dedicated to telling the people in your life that you love them?  It’s an excuse to eat chocolate and drink wine (not that I need an excuse).

My favorite Valentine’s Day thus far, was a few years ago with my roommate, Sarah.  We got dolled up and went out on the town for a wine-crawl!  If I remember correctly, we met some very cool dudes and got free sandwiches.  Nothing is better than free sandwiches.

Anyway, I’m getting off topic.  This year, I will be in class on Valentine’s night, but Jonathan and I have plans to take a cooking class together later in the week.  I can’t wait!!!

In honor of today’s holiday, I’m sharing a romantic dessert to share with your partner or mom or roommate or cat.  Whatever suits your fancy.

It’s decadent, rich, and super easy to throw together!

You will need:

2 sticks of butter (plus a few pats of butter for greasing the pan)

8 oz unsweetened baking chocolate

1 tsp. vanilla

1/2 tsp. cinnamon

3 eggs

1/2 cup sugar

3 Tbsp. flour

Prepare your ramekins with butter.  I used a heart-shaped pan for Valentine’s Day, but ramekins will cook the cakes more evenly.

This is not a time to go easy on the butter.

Then coat the ramekins with sugar.  Sprinkle a handful onto each ramekin and toss the excess.

In a medium bowl, mix the eggs and vanilla.

Melt the butter and chocolate in a double boiler (or just watch it carefully in a pan on the stove or sneak it into the microwave shhh).

Sorry this image is so dark. Can you spot the buttery and chocolatey goodness?

Once all of the chocolate melts, add the sugar to the chocolate mixture until it dissolves.

Remove the chocolate from heat and add the flour, cinnamon, and eggs.

Simply pour the batter into the ramekin until 3/4 full.  Bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes.  Serve immediately.

The edges should crisp up, but the center will remain ooey and gooey and lava-y!  How wonderful!  This is some seriously decadent stuff.

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day this year?  Do you love or hate Hallmark holidays?


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23 thoughts on “Cake Week: Molten Lava Cake!

  1. Oh girl that thing is a sight!! Gorgeous.
    As for me, Ben and I aren’t much for the holidays. Which is totally counter to every other relationship I’ve ever had… We had originally agreed on no gifts (don’t need “stuff” and to save money) – but he said he’d gotten me something small. Now I look like a jerk that just got him a card! He does that. every. holiday. hahah
    This is my last as an unmarried lady too. Let’s enjoy the heck out of it!! ~Megan

    • Bacon Slayer always does that, too! Would totally drive me crazy if it wasn’t so sweet. Gotta love men that can’t help themselves and have to get you a little something.

      Mads, I must say that your photo is making me want to get a heart shaped pan in the worst way. Just because. 🙂

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  3. This looks so good I almost don’t know what to do. I wasn’t planning on baking tonight, but, now I’m not sure. Love the pinkish speckled bowl, by the way.

    Enjoy your cooking class later this week. We’re celebrating later this week too, but with three kids, it will likely involve something less sophisticated, like putting them to bed early and drinking wine out on our deck. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  4. The Microwave Is My Double Boiler. I have aspirations of getting a bowl that I could rest on top of a pan, but somehow, it just seems like too much effort. This turned out just beautifully!

    And thank you for being a friend who loves Valentine’s Day 11/10. I despise Valentine’s Day haters. What’s not to love about a holiday that revolves around wearing pink/red and eating desserts?

    • I was watching Alton Brown and he was saying that the double boiler is actually not great for melting chocolate. The water condensation on the inside of the chocolate pan does bad things to the melting process. Basically, you end up with a lump of chocolate. He also uses the microwave!

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  7. Warm gooey chocolate cake… wow! Is there anything better? I keep coming back to your post over and over again just to look at it. Mmmmmmm…. molten lava cake. I’m in love, which I’m guessing makes this the perfect Valentine’s Day dessert!

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    • Oh, sorry! I used the heart-shaped pan, which is a different size than ramekins. With filling the ramekins 3/4 full, my guess is that this recipe makes about 6 ramekins? Sorry that you’ll have to eyeball it.

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  14. There really is never a time to cut back on the butter…and a molten lava cake calls for all the butter one can find!

    Love this recipe.

    Hope you are having a great Sunday!

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