Things I think are worth investing in…
-quality toilet paper -rice cooker -comfortable running shoes -1 or 2 special hair products -spice rack -jeans -plane tickets -winter gear

Things I think aren’t worth any more than the bare minimum…
-most beauty products (I hope that’s not something that is obvious to others haha) -cars -silverware -weddings -summer gear

I don’t know why I felt compelled to write this. Probably because in the past month I have gotten overly pissed at failed rice. My next investment is indeed a rice cooker, which you can get at Target for super cheap!


2 thoughts on “Investments

  1. I third these shenanigans. I have literally no expensive makeup or beauty products with the exception of my two bottles of perfume, one of which was a gift (Coach) and one which was latently inherited (Grandma's 60 year old bottle of Chanel)…hah.

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