The Bus

My favorite characters on the bus:

Orange suit man with silver briefcase…where are you going?
Guy with axe-murderery eyes…his daily lunch consists of a can of beans and strawberries. Beyond bizarre.
Cankle lady…takes the bus one block.
Guy in all leather with hair down to his butt.
Down syndrome guy that is more high functioning than most people I know and dresses like a thug…although his cell phone convos at 7am are a bit loud.
Cross-dresser…oh-so knowledgeable about astrology and LOVES gum and charm bracelets.
McDonald’s employee that is quite taken with my freckles…and I am quite taken with his gap teeth.

and of course the “Dat gurl got oodles uh noodles” bus driver, but that’s another story.

I just thought I’d write this because I see these people twice daily and I thought the world should know. They make 1.5 hours on the bus each day worthwhile. Hopefully some day I’ll be brave enough to snap their pics for you all.


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