Where the hell have you been?

Well, I’ve been moving across the country, starting my own business, having a baby, and buying a house. It’s all in the little things. Those are all terribly huge things though.

I stepped away from blogging because life got busy and I wasn’t sure I wanted to share the parenthood part of my life in such a public forum. To be honest, I’m not sure I’m “back”, but I was feeling nostalgic and in the mood to write tonight. So here goes!

I got pregnant with a teeny tiny fetus last year, and Jonathan and I decided it would be best to raise our tiny tot in the midwest. It’s where my family lives and it feels like home. So much so we decided to buy a house in the heart of the city. It’s our first home and it’s almost 100 years old. Amazingly enough, we are only the fourth owners since the house was built in 1918!

Pregnancy was not…the most wonderful time of my life, but I might save that for a different post. Highlights: 1) Gaining 20 pounds of water weight in the last month (hello…swelling!) 2) Feeling like I had the worst 24/7 hangover of my life 3) Craving tequila and donuts 4) At a certain point the only shoes I could wear were hideous clogs. Basically, my body was rebelling against this foreign creature invading my uterus. Luckily there are moments like tiny kicks and rolls that make the pregnancy portion of events bearable.

That tiny tot who caused such a fuss in utero is now a 9 month old wild and crazy baby girl. She is the most active child I’ve ever known, which is crazy because Jonathan and I are basically sloth-people. She’s constantly smiling and recently learned how to wave and to shake her head “no”. Child prodigy. Easily.

There are a billion things people don’t tell you about having a kid, but one of the biggest things is how your love for your partner grows exponentially. Jonathan has been my best friend, partner, husband, teammate, lover, etc. But seeing him become the father of my child is an entirely new experience. I didn’t think I could love him more, but I do, and we will always be connected by our beautiful baby girl.

❤ Mads

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