Top Ten Reasons to Visit Minnesota

Or…if you don’t actually want to visit…why you shouldn’t write it off as a farm state with nothing going for it except a few lakes.

10.  The food.  Minneapolis is by far one of my favorite foodie cities in the US.  From Juicy Lucy burgers at Matt’s Bar to egg & lobster bruschetta at Bar la Grassa.  From steaks on the lake at Maynard’s to rooftop dining at Stella’s Fish Cafe.  Win win win win!

9. Oktoberfest is not a joke.  I didn’t realize how seriously Minnesotans took Oktoberfest until I moved to California and realized people don’t give two cents about Oktoberfest here.  Well let me tell you somethin’ (said in an old granny voice), Oktoberfest in my home state includes brats the size of your forearm, Polka music and dancing, Hefeweizen flowing like water, and DAS BOOT.


8. Loring Park’s movie in the park summers.  I realize now that movies in the park is a pretty common deal.  However, summer nights in Minnesota are fabulous and the movies are not to be enjoyed without Sebastian Joe’s ice cream.

7.  The music scene.  We need a moment of silence for the hippie weekend that was the 10 Thousand Lakes Festival.  *silence*  That being said, the amount of concerts, bands in bars, and up-and-coming stars is nuts.

Rock the Garden concert

6. Cabins.  This bears repeating.  I love me some cabins!

5. My hairdresser.  I know, I know.  “Mads, you can find hairdressers all over!”  Well, that’s true, but they don’t do color like she does color.  Nor do they get rid of your petite mullet (pronounced moo-lay) or fill your session with hilarious sarcastic quips.  No, my friends, you can not find hair dressers like her.

4. SNOW.  I mean…ok…maybe not snow, but definitely SEASONS.  Watching the out-of-doors change from stormy sweltering nights to crisp crunchy fall days is like watching a miracle unfold year after year.

3. Seasonal attire!  I have the opportunity to wear all of my warm fall/winter gear.  I especially love scarves!


2. Lakes.  I know lakes is sort of a no-brainer, but I’m totally including lakes.  Get over it.

Photo courtesy of my friend Sarah

How could I not include lakes?

1. Tis my home.

What do you love about your hometown?  Are you still there or have you fled the state?