Giveaway winner!

The winner of the Zak Confetti Mixing bowls is Beth, Of Muses and Meringues!

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Her favorite Christmas present was:

“The best gift I got this season was a bound copy of my daughter’s first manuscript. Priceless!”



Josie learns to fly

I realize that I am a crazy person who has to show the world pictures of her dog.  Probably someday I will be one of those crazy people who has to show the world wallet sized pics of my children.

Deal with it.

If you don’t like pictures of adorable things, I implore you, LOOK AWAY!

Josie thinks she is a model.

Anyway, we are taking her home to Minneapolis with us for Christmas.  This is not as easy as it sounds.  You need a perfectly sized air suitcase, extra piddle pads/toys/food (meaning we have to check a bag), potty breaks in the airport god-knows-where, $200 for her plane ticket, and Xanax to make sure that you can handle your puppy under the seat in front of you for 4 hours.

It won’t be pretty.

Her suitcase finally came from Amazon and we tested it out to make sure she wouldn’t freak out in there.

She didn’t quite get it:

Shoving treats in there helped, but I’m still not convinced she understands:

Ok, now she’s just showing off:

Have you ever traveled with your pet?  Any tips?


p.s. Sorry for the poor photo quality.  I am convinced that bloggers with awesome pictures live without night-time.

Home Remedy Mythbusting: The Garlic Chronicles

I recently started working with kids.  They put all sorts of crap in their mouths, they cough and snot all over the place, and depending on the age, they don’t really know how to wash their hands properly.  Which means, I get sick approximately every 32 seconds.

Apparently my immune system is supposed to build a wall of defense to this new germ pool, but I know my immune system, it doesn’t get out of bed to fight off ANYTHING.

As I was reading one of my new favorite blogs, Dance While You Cook, I came across an
interesting home remedy for the common cold: garlic!

My favorite food, flavoring, side dish, you name it, is garlic.  So I couldn’t wait to try this recipe.

Chop 2 cloves of garlic and put it in a tablespoon of honey.  Eat.

Well folks, I’m here to tell you it is not as fun as it sounds.

I kind of wish somebody was a witness to the whole ridiculous shenanigans, as I was gagging up honey and trying not to narf in the kitchen sink.  Dance While You Cook mentions that “chasers” for this home remedy are a must, and she is absolutely right.

My "chasers" included my breakfast and an extra Baby Bell cheese. I thought that garlic and cheese would be a winning combo, but this did nothing to kill the horrible raw flavor in my mouth. And holy crap! That bowl of cereal looks HUGE!

My tummy felt pretty yucky for the next few hours and I had the garlic breath, but I’m here a day and a half later with no new symptoms!

I force-fed this to Jonathan.  He ate it without plugging his nose or flinching.  There were no chasers for him and he simply shrugged his shoulders and looked at me like i was crazy.

Then it hit his tummy and I was fully validated.

This remedy is not for the weak of heart.

Even typing this post has me a little queasy.

I just hope garlic and i can be besties again soon.


p.s. What’s your favorite home remedy for the ishy gishy cold?

And the winner is…


Why am I not surprised, you move to LA and now your giving away Herbs. Hmmm. -Kelly T.”

Thanks for playing!  I’ll e-mail you for your address and ship those herbs out pronto.  🙂

I actually used one of those random number generator thingys.  How fun!


A chapter from Emily Post

I have officially arrived in LA, Long Beach, to be precise.  I have stories and pictures and general information about my life here, but I am too busy “nesting” to blog about that just yet.  In the meantime, I shall enlighten you on gas station etiquette created by my mother on the trip.

1. Always pull forward to the last available pump.

This seems like an obvious courtesy to others, but I would say that 80% of drivers do not understand this concept.

2. When a line forms, do not cut the line.

Something I thought we all learned in kindergarten…not the case.  Failure to adhere to this rule will result in many consecutive “flipped birds” from my mother.

3. Do not ask for help with gas money.

We are all unemployed and do not plan on spending our limited accounts on you, stranger danger.

The rules of the road.