I’m still here, but barely

I wrote this super long awesome post, complete with pictures, captions, and hooplah.

Then WordPress ate it.

I almost considered quitting my blog.

This post is here simply to tell you that something special could have been in its place.



Quick Update: Part Deux

I will be going to IL next week from Wednesday to Saturday.  I have two wonderful women who will be guest posting for me while I’m gone.  If you have any interest in writing a guest post, I will be more than happy to promote your blog and/or your general awesomeness.  Just leave a comment here saying you want to guest post!

The fact that I am going to IL next week is neither good news nor bad news.  My grandma is doing well in the nursing home (hopefully she’ll be outta there in the next few months), but my grandpa’s status is still up in the air.  Nobody really has any idea what the problem is or what’s causing it.  Sooooo that means that my mom and I will be tag-teaming the hospital chair and talking with doctors.

In other news, the temperature is going down in Long Beach.  I bought 4 cans of soup today in order to prepare for the long cold winter.  Oh, wait…

Arid is quite possible the shittiest deodorant I’ve ever come across.

My herbs are being deprived of water, but they are still quite angry with me.

I have discovered that shredded chicken is really the best way to eat chicken breast.

I don’t know if you remember my post about Catan being settled by a woman, but it’s about to be settled some more.  We just got the game in the mail!!!  Doo dee da doo doooooo!

My family is truly beautiful, but mostly just on the outside:


A petite bloggy makeover

A few things need to change around here!  And not just your underwear.

I’m ditching Sunday Links.  Unless there is a giant uproar from you readers, which I doubt.  They haven’t treated me well, but I will share internet links from time to time because I truly believe everyone is entitled to see Double Rainbow, Leprechaun, Whistle Tips, and Grape Stomp.  Among countless other memes.  The internet is a blessing and we shall honor that.

A weekly pizza feature is going to take its place.  I am always open to new pizza ideas, so if you’ve got any, send ’em my way!  Seriously, I want to create your pizza and post it here.  PIZZA!!!  I am also looking for some new quick and easy crust recipes.  Suggestions welcome.

A post mini-series will be announced later this week.  Stay tuned.  I have a feeling a giveaway will be a part of that.  Swag!

Would you like to see any new stuff on this blog?  What are some of your ideas?


p.s. I recently joined Twitter.  You can see my recent tweet on the sidebar here or you can follow me @madsyjoy.  I would love to be your Twitter buddy 😉

I did the deal

I made the switch over to WordPress.  Verdict?  Happiness.

WordPress is definitely not as easy to use and intuitive as Blogger, but once you know how to do a few things the result is much cleaner and reader-friendly.

Things I am especially happy with:

1) Drop down pages

2) Cleaner look and feel.  Each category is neatly tucked away in its place.

3) Built in stats (remembering to update my Google Analytics every time I switched themes was difficult).  Although, I might still use Google Analytics because it’s fun to see where readers are coming from in the world.

4) Thousands of themes.  I’m still not quite up to speed on how to find these themes, but word on the street is that they do in fact exist.

5) Formatting is a non-issue.  I can add pictures without WordPress tweaking out.  Amazing.


This whole blogging business

I love blogging.  I don’t know if you have noticed this about me yet, but I have a lot of fun with it.  But I am nowhere near satisfied with the quality of my blog.
There are blogs that I drool at because of the amount of content and the beautiful unique layouts.
This is not my blog. 
I have the blogspot presets.  ZzzzzzZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

My first project when I get to LA is to (get a job) move my blog to my own domain.  Any advice for “new” bloggers?
Anybody out there particularly great with web design? 

I’m also thinking about taking a class or getting some help on the internets for this.  My friend over at Tenaciously Yours is signing up for a blogging conference.  I feel like I’m not quiiiiiiite ready for that.  I need to at least get the domain business down before I can boast a blog. 

Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated.