The Fall Lineup

There have been some new additions to the apartment family in order to prepare for the fall season.

Here’s the lineup:

Owly the owlybank

Fresh flowers weekly (two bouquets for $3 at the farmers market)

Harvest pig (I’m not sure what a “harvest pig” is, but it felt right to say)

Pumpkin pals–one is soon to be carved



Diary of a 7th grader

As my mom was cleaning out my childhood closet for the final time before I head out West, she came across a ziploc bag filled to the brim with notes from Junior high.  She brought them to me without reading them (she says…and gosh I hope) and I couldn’t be more happy!  What a treat to read all of the garbage that was going on with my hormonal pre-pubescent self! haha

(Disclaimer: I would love to give more context for these excerpts, but I honestly don’t remember what they were about.  Just pre-teen glory)

Here are some awesome excerpts either from me or to me:

“3 seats in front of me just asked me out!!!  I want to say no really bad, but I feel terrible cause he is my friend and it will be awkward.  ugh!  Why can’t the guy I like ask me out?” (ain’t that the truth sista!)

Who’s coming to this shindig of a party?  Gotta see if you guys are cool enough for me.” (I didn’t realize anybody was cool in Junior high)

You should ask anyways, the worst she can do is say ‘no’, and while that does hurt at least you keep your options open.”  (good to know I haven’t given any new advice since 7th grade…also that I’ve followed my own advice for almost 10 years now)

“When I get a secret, you can know 1st (that’s what friends are for haha)

I don’t know if this is a repeated online conversation, or if somebody made it up, but it is hilarious (initials changed for privacy)!

L-“I’m cold”
P-“I could think of a few things that can warm you up besides a hot shower…”
P-“How far would you go with a guy?”
L-“depends on the guy”
P-“So how far with me?”
L-“I dunno”
P-“I wish you were here right now…”
L-“Bye. I gotta go vote”

Is that hackie sack for anger management?” (there was a crying face drawn next to this)

I ❤ him to death.  We skipped 2nd hour together and just sat and talked, but I still don’t know what’s going to happen cuz I kinda wanna be free right now too.” (I like that 13 year old girls are talking about “being free”)

Do you have perfume I can use?  Like Tommy or something?  You’re in French right?  Did u know that next year we get to go to France?”  (such a coherent train of thought, and also not true in the slightest)

I got such a kick out of reading these, but I am very glad I’m no longer in Junior high.


New year, same old me

My New Year’s resolutions usually consist of not-so-witty remarks like, “I’m going to party like it really is 1999″ or “I’m going to make this year classier than last year”.  In essence, I rarely live up to my resolutions and I am never serious about them.

This year, I decided to set extremely realistic resolutions for myself.  Goals that would not only be fun for me, but would also allow me to reflect on my year in a way that my half-assed occasional bouts of journaling ever could. 

Over-arching resolution:  Be more involved in online communities.

Sub-Resolution #1: Make a blog and update it regularly…for The. Whole. Year.
I’ve had 2 blogs in the past, neither of which lasted for more than 3 months.  They were very angsty and made me depressed every time I thought about posting my emotions.  This year I have found that blogging about the random crap in my life is really kind of neat!  Despite the fact that I have very few readers, I truly love pondering about what the next post will be.

Sub-Resolution #2: Write reviews on Yelp! and become Yelp! Elite.
I’ve posted 60 reviews since I started on Yelp! at the end of December and I finally made the squad!  The site is fluffy and I get great amusement from reading reviews of others and participating in the community talk section.  Lame?  Maybe.  Boredom killer?  Like none other.
I recently posted on Solera, Lord Fletcher’s, and Amazing Thailand…check em out.

What were your resolutions?  Were you successful?


What’s the name of this club?

What’s the best part about Wednesdays? Or really, any weeknight when you think you have no desire to wake up the next morning. Well, I’ll tell you…it’s WINE!
In fact, having a glass or two when you get home from work might just be the best part about being an adult. Cause the best part sure as hell aint paying your own bills, going to a 9-5 job, having a slow metabolism, thinking about mortgages, having children, etc. The list could go on for days.

But the BEST part couuuuuuuuuld be the wine. One of my favorite songs of all time? Spill the wine! Of course!