Happy Halloweensicles!

This Halloween, Jonathan scared me by turning into Martha Stewart.

He didn’t dress up as Martha, but he revealed a whole new side to himself…a decorative side…*ahem*

He nearly shoved me out of the way so he could perfect the twist on these streamers.


And of course, Halloween wouldn’t be complete without dressing up Josie:

I’m spending Halloween night in class, but I will be thinking spooky thoughts.  That makes me sound creepy.  I will be there in spirit…as a spirit?  I am failing at Halloween puns right now.

What are you doing for Halloween?  What’s the best costume you have seen this year?


Fall recipes I’m dying to try

Fall always gets me in the mood to bake, roast, and mash all of the best comfort foods.  There’s nothing like curling up with a bowl full of homemade chicken soup or digging into a slice of piping hot apple pie.

This fall, I’ve decided to commit to a new approach.  I’m going to make recipes that I’ve never attempted before.  This could result in epic failures, but I have a feeling it will be more delicious than anything else.

Here’s what I’m committed to making this fall:

Miss InsideNanaBread’s Head’s POSOLE!  NanaBread is on a vacation from blogging, but I promise she is worth checking out when she comes back.

Mexican-style stew with hominy

Pam’s pie crust for apple pie (featured on The Pioneer Woman).  I have never made my own crust (shhhh), but I am determined to try this flaky goodness.  I have also never ventured into baked fruit pies, but apple pie is in the game plan.

101 Cookbook’s Easy Little Bread.  My track record with bread is not stellar.  Usually I end up with a cement lump or a dough ball of goo.  This no-knead bread promises that it will be easy and totally doable for a baking beginner like me.  101 Cookbook is a great blog with BEE-U-TI-FUL food photography.

Comfortably Domestic’s Mediterranean Inspired Chicken Wraps with Dill Cucumber Sauce.  Jonathan and I have been on a Mediterranean kick and anything by Comfortably Domestic is sure to be a win.

Kitchen-tested and children-approved

(Click on any of the pics above to find the original recipes.  These pictures are all from the bloggers linked in the text.)

Hopefully I remember to post my adventures in these dishes here, but let’s face it, I frequently forget who I am and what I’m doing.

Are you trying out any new recipes this fall?  What’s your favorite blog source for recipes?


Top 5 Fall TV Shows

I’ve been hit with the sniffles.  I know it’s not just me because Facebook and Twitter are blowing UP!  What is it about sore throats and runny noses that has people urgent to report their moment by moment health status?  I have no idea, but I’m guilty too.  So, my bloggy friends, I have a cold.

PW recently had a post on the fall tv lineup for this year.  So instead of Doing Things in the real world, I’ll be starting on my own new fall tv lineup.  We have some old faves and some newbies I can’t wait to try out.

Top 5 Shows This Fall:

1) Castle

Nathan Fillion plays a murder mystery author who pairs up with one of New York’s best detectives for inspiration. I can’t help falling in love with this crime fighting duo.  Nathan Fillion is as the intro states, “ruggedly handsome”, and his goofball antics are entertaining to say the least.

2) Dexter

This serial killer dad doubles as a blood-spatter expert for the Miami police department.  Oh, and he’s super hot.  I think we have a theme going with the attractive male leads…*ahem*  Dexter keeps digging himself into deeper and deeper holes and I can’t wait to see how he gets himself out of this one!

3) How I Met Your Mother

The show follows Ted through his late 20s as he retells his children the story of how he met their mother.  How I Met Your Mother is a funnier and wittier version of Friends.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved Friends, but this show’s humor blows it out of the water.

4) Parks and Recreation

Leslie Knopes works as a city planner and promises a community member that she will build a park where a dangerous pit currently sits.  The show is similar to The Office in that it follows the hilarious workplace ins and outs.  I had no idea how much I would come to love Amy Poehler and Aziz Ansari, but I can’t get enough!

5) Person of Interest

This looks like it’s the television version of Minority Report (which I LOVED).  J.J. Abrams (of Lost, Alias, and Fringe) and Jonathan Nolan (of The Dark Knight) pair up for this one and you best believe I won’t miss a minute of it!

Of course, I’m also pretty stoked for the return of Psych, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist, True Blood, Weeds, and Fringe.

What are you excited about watching this fall?  Do you plan on starting any new series?


p.s. As usual, click on the photos for sources.  You will be redirected.

The Fall Five

Hey team,

I am going to have to muster up some motivation to do both graduate school and blogging.  All of my professors have stressed the importance of “self-care” through the school process, and you all are a part of that.  If I don’t stick to my M-W-F post schedule, I fear I will lose myself in text books and all will be lost.

In essence, you folks keep me sane.

So thank you.

That being said, today’s post can be filed under the category of “Better Late Than Never.”

Kat recently linked me up in her Fall Five linky dinky.  I love reading about Fall all over the internet because it really doesn’t exist in Southern California.  Fall is by far my favorite season, so I have to live vicariously through you on the pumpkin spice lattes and cozy scarves.

So, to make up for the utter lack of seasonal changes around here, these are my Fall Five:

1) Get myself a Fall haircut.  No, I don’t want a pumpkin-shaped bob, but I would like to get a haircut sometime in the fall months.  What a goal huh?

2) Learn more about the DSLR camera I have permanently “borrowed” from Jonathan.  Some day you will see delicious recipes with pictures that aren’t repulsive.  Won’t that be exciting?

3) Complete a 5k without stopping.  I’m getting closer to my goal, but I’ve been on a Run/Walk schedule and I want to run run run the whole time.

4) To fully transition to my own hosted domain.  This is almost done, but I need a few more final touches before we can fully leap forward.

5)  To commit myself to tasting all of the wine possibilities our wedding caterer has offered.  I feel this is urgent.  I might need helpers in this endeavor.


What are your Fall Five?

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