Steve Buscemi Eyes

There is a new (or is it already old?) meme floating around the internet: Chicks with Steve Buscemi Eyes.

My friend, Tuan, has mad Photoshop skillz and decided to Steve Buscemeyes a few friends.

Here is the real Steve Buscemi, if you aren’t already familiar:

Click photo for source: Wikipedia

I’m going to share these next few images with you because I love you and because I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw them.

Jonathan looks shockingly like Smeagol.

Here’s Josie:

So creepy.

And finally, me:

What’s your favorite internet meme?


CSI: Long Beach?

Get on your fake boobs, spray tans, and white linen pants…”CSI: Miami” is filming in Long Beach!

“CSI: Miami” films most episodes in Long Beach, but today they are filming right outside of my apartment!  I told you I was a freak for celebrities and today is no different.

Found on flickr from a different day of shooting. I find it hilarious that you can actually see the "Long Beach Blvd" sign in the background.

My dislike of Horatio is epic, but you best believe I have already hopped downstairs for an opportunity to be in the background of a scene.  I also took Josie in case they needed a crazy pug stunt-double (she’s not trained enough to be a Hollywood pug star, but I have no doubt she could leap from burning buildings or do backflips if necessary).

Sadly, security surrounded most of the film crew/stars, but I did chat with a crew member very briefly.  Everyone on set had “CSI: Miami Season 9” t-shirts.  Maybe I should change my goals to simply acquiring one of those shirts.  Bad. A$$.

Apparently there are a lot of shows that film right down the block, one of my favorites being “Dexter”.

Michael C. Hall "Dexter" and Jimmy Smits "Miguel Prado" chillin on my beach.

*fingers crossed* I get to meet Michael C. Hall or maybe even Alexander Skarsgard, because apparently they film parts of “Trueblood” around here too.

Vampires? Yes, please.

What show would you Love to have filmed outside your house?  

What CSI is your favorite?  I’m a Las Vegas fan myself, but that’s because Gil Grissom does death puns the best.


Semi-homemade cooking gone to sh!t

The Food Network is mostly about entertainment and not so much about “food”.

How do I know this?

Exhibit A:

Paula Dean’s English Pea recipe (thanks to Mama Pea for the link)

Paula’s general recipe format:

Take any object (doesn’t have to necessarily be food)

Add butter

Once you think you have added enough butter, double it

Serve with salt

Exhibit B:

I’m not even sure where to begin with this video.

Other cake-topping options when you are in a pinch:

-Kleenex oragamied into roses add a “je ne sais quoi” to an otherwise boring store-bought cake.

-The center of a bundt cake can be filled with a bottle of $2 Chuck (remember that the glass part of the bottle is not edible, so remove before eating).  Pour the wine directly into the “cakehole” for a modern take on the traditional rum cake.

-Easter cakes really sparkle when adorned with rabbit’s feet.  You can pick these up at your local craft store or you can slaughter 4-5 rabbits (depending on the size of the cake).

-Savory and sweet is such a wonderful pair, why not punch it up by adding some pepperonis in the shape of a smiley face?  Your kids will be sure to love!

I can only assume Miss Lee was doing her own version of “My Drunk Kitchen”:

Visit Kat’s site for more on this topic.  She tackles some really tough issues like how to prepare for Kwanzaa.



I’ve mentioned my love for Gaga in the past, but from time to time I feel like I need to reiterate.

I. Love. Gaga.

She was on The View recently and discussed everything from her outfit choices to bullying to meeting the queen.

I understand why people don’t like her.

I do.

Sort of.

Ok, not really.

Anyway, I found this version of “Poker Face” today and fell in love.  It’s slow, jazzy, and soulful.  Check it out here:



Your Little Monster Mads

PRIDE in Long Beach!

After stumbling across a curious newspaper headline, I had a feeling Pride week was brewing in Long Beach.

Then, last night, Josie’s boyfriend’s parents invited us to a Pride comic night at the Laugh Factory (a fairly famous comedy club in LA).  Maybe it was the “Squirting Flower” cocktail I ordered, but I laughed till I cried.

Famous acts included Ant from Celebrity Fit Club:

Carlease Burke (extra in every tv show ever):

And a woman I had never heard of before, Julie Goldman.  She brought down the house and brought me to tears.  Had I consumed another “Squirting Flower”, I might have peed my pants from the hilarity.

If you are into stand up comedy (and let’s be honest, why wouldn’t you be), I highly recommend youtubing some of her clips.

One of the comedians did a bit about Asian men and it cracked me up.  He said they are the up and coming race because they have soft skin and good credit.  hahaha  Jonathan just nodded.  🙂

It was pretty cool going to my first Pride event.  I can’t wait to see more acts at the Laugh Factory too!

Do you dig stand up comedy?  Who is your favorite act?  



This week has been insanity.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for returning to my blog.  In light of some recent family emergency stuff, I decided that we all need some things to smile about today.

So, without further ado, three songs that brought a smile to my face today:

#1 Kate Nash — We Get On  (please please pay attention to the lyrics, they will make you chuckle)

#2 Alabama — Dixieland Delight (I don’t particularly like country, but I LOVE drinking beer and belting out country songs when the mood strikes.)

#3 Miley Cyrus — Party in the USA (Judge if you will, but this has to be the most fun carefree party song.  It always reminds me of a cabin weekend that involved dancing on coolers.)


Happy Thursday world 🙂