One Kitchen Many Hearts Box


Welcome to another round of One Kitchen Many Hearts cross-country goodie box o’ love fest!  Every other month a group of my favorite bloggers sends one another boxes full of goodies.  We decided not to have a theme this month, partially because each of us has been hoarding piles of random things we find to give one another.

OKMH Collage 2013

Top Row:  Allison , Beka & JeanneCenter: Kat & Kirsten, Bottom Row: Mads & Megan.  Check out the other rad boxes by clicking on each name.  I got a few special goodies for Megan this month!

Jeanne from Inside Nanabread’s Head sent me a big ole box chock full of my favorite things.  She’s the organizer of the group.  For example, she is able to remember everyone’s favorite items and she even goes a step further by remembering to look for them when she’s out shopping.  It’s always a scramble for me, but Jeanne is the best!


To start, she got me treats!  I’ve been on a salted caramel jag lately…I want it on everything, so Jeanne got me some salted caramel hot cocoa mix.  I was also perusing the internet for cookie and cake recipes using mallow fluff, only to realize we didn’t have any fluff in our kitchen.  Jeanne somehow remembered this tiny bit of information and sent me a jar.  Amazing!

Although, I used the fluff as the middle layer in a cake and the top layer subsequently slid off and plopped on the floor.  Nightmares.  I salvaged the remaining layer, but it wasn’t pretty.  haha  Please tell me this happens to you guys.


Jeanne sent me the 2 nail polishes on the right.  The polish on the left is the color I bought to send in Megan’s box.  I laughed out loud when I saw they were the Exact Same Color.  Talk about mind meld.


Then I found a few things in the box that made me chuckle…cheesy napkins and Shaun of the Dead!  She also sent a pug beanie baby with a pink tutu, which is an exact replica of Josie’s giant pug beanie baby.  What are the odds?  Josie instantly fell in love with her tiny toy and carried it into bed at night (the big beanie baby was already in the bed).  hahaha  I couldn’t stop laughing.

3 pugs in a rug

Jeanne also included some hilarious holiday costumes, which Josie thoroughly hated enjoyed.

santa cowboy

And, Jeanne, being the crafty woman that she is, made a pink hombre tutu that sent this box over the edge!

photo 2 photo 1

Overall, this box made me laugh harder than I have in a long time.  My dog hates me now, but it was well worth it (plus, she totally loved the extra treats and snuggles for putting up with me).

Thanks so much, Jeanne!

Do you ever dress your dogs up?  What’s the best pet costume you have seen?


**Not pictured: Homemade blackberry and blueberry jam, plus pear and apple butter.  Those went directly in the pantry like a safely guarded secret.  Woops!

5 thoughts on “One Kitchen Many Hearts Box

  1. Oh, Mads…. I laughed until I cried over those Josie photos. SHE LOOKS SO CUTE IN THOSE COSTUMES! Somewhere in Doggie Heaven, Ziggy is shaking his head but also nodding in approval (in a ‘been there / done that’ way). It makes me furiously happy that Josie loves her pug baby, but it makes me even happier that the box made you laugh. After the past few weeks, you certainly needed it! Hugs – jeanne

  2. This is THE BEST. So much fun… Dark Days about the fluff filling, but I’m just glad you were able to rescue it (mostly). And there are just no words for the adorableness of a dressed up tiny dog. Honestly: If I wasn’t afraid of my giant cat with opposable thumbs (he’s seriously bigger than Josie), then I would dress him up, too. But then he’d shank me because cats are WAY meaner than dogs… but I digress. Love this all SO MUCH.

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