One Kitchen Many Hearts

Hello friends,

Welcome to another edition of your semi-monthly box of goodies from One Kitchen Many Hearts!  Our little corner of the internet decided to come together (probably because of our shared love of treats) and send each other care packages every other month.  This month’s “Spring Fling” themed box arrived from Megan at Country Cleaver and she blew my mind with the awesomeness of this box!

The women of One Kitchen Many Hearts

The women of One Kitchen Many Hearts

Honestly, the box of pre-made mole was the first item I saw and I was…well…horrified.  I mean, the 1970s box design doesn’t exactly scream, “Eat me!  I’m the best authentic mole in town!”  As soon as I saw the note with the awesome hand-drawn mole, I knew immediately she sent me the box because of our shared love for the Austin Powers movies.  Do you remember the mole scene?  “Yes, nice to mole you…MEET you!  Nice to meet your mole.  Don’t say mole.  I said mole.”  hahaha cracks me up every time.  I honestly can’t wait to try it.

photo 2

Then my jaw fell to the floor when I saw THIS BEAST:

photo 1

Megan and I recently waged a war on Twitter against Jonathan in regards to how to care for cast iron.  If you haven’t visited Megan’s blog, go there now.  On Tuesdays she sometimes writes a “How To Tuesday” post with cooking basics.  A recent post was on how to season cast iron pans, and I realized we had been cleaning ours wrong all along!  I took the only obvious course of action, which was to blame Jonathan and publicly shame him on social media.  Obviously.  I think she sent us this pan to end any marital conflict she may have inflicted upon us.  Thank you, Megan.

She also sent me a baggie of dried cantaloupe.  Can you say nummy?  I think I’m going to chop it up and add it to yogurt, or oatmeal, or cookies…too many possibilities!

photo 3

I also love the possibilities for this little peanuty guy:



Megan did such a great job finding box items that were special to me.  Thank you, Megan!!!

To see what I sent Jeanne, hop on over to Inside NanaBread’s Head.

Check out the rest of the loot here:

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How do you stay in touch with friends?  Do you ever send care packages?


9 thoughts on “One Kitchen Many Hearts

    • Thanks! I want to use the chocolate coconut peanut butter on my morning toast, but I feel like there are so many more creative uses for it. Maybe I’ll have to invest in a jar of the stuff. 🙂

  1. That is just a BEAUTIFUL cast-iron pan! Thank God for flat rate boxes and for friends who get us. I can’t wait to hear what comes out of that skillet (or out of your oven in it!).

    p.s. We will need a full report on the chocolate coconut PB!

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