One Kitchen Many Hearts Box

Hello internet,

By now you know that every other month my group of bloggy buddies sends each other goodies in the mail.  It’s a wonderful way to stay in touch, give each other trinkets unique from our region of the US, and to stuff our faces with the noms we receive.  Normally I only receive packages when I go on an shopping bender, so a handcrafted box of love is a wonderful change of pace.

The ladies

The ladies

This month’s theme was Winter Essentials (i.e., all of the things you need to successfully survive the winter in a girly and elegant way).  I realize winter is non-existent in California, but we played along anyway. 😉

Snowflake cookie cutter is essential!

Snowflake cookie cutter is essential!

I received my winter essentials box from Kirsten at Comfortably Domestic.  Homegirl is a wonderful food nerd, crafter, mother of 4 boys, Midwesterner, and friend.  I love getting boxes from her because she intuitively knows what I need as a Midwestern expat…she gets me.

To start, she sent a mitts and paws kit, complete with lotions and soaps to keep my hands from drying up.  I can’t tell you how grateful I was for this because my hands get so dry and cracked, even in milder climates. Sad times.

Mitts and paws kit

Mitts and paws kit

She also made homemade hot cocoa mix!  I laughed out loud when I saw this because I attempted to make hot cocoa mix for Allison’s box, but failed miserably.  My attempt at cocoa was clumpy and bitter, so I ended up throwing it directly in the trash.  Kirsten, I’m going to need your recipe!  Alton failed me…as always, that bastard!

photo 1(1)

I got another box of Danish dark chocolate…score!  This stuff is incredible.  So incredible that it’s hard not to eat the entire thing in one sitting.

photo 2

Speaking of eating everything in one sitting, Kirsten also sent me the best orange shortbread cookies in the world!  These cookies disappeared faster than the Girl Scout cookies, which is really saying something.  They had the perfect balance of tart orange zest and buttery cookie dough.  The recipe is in the works and will be up on her blog soon, so stay tuned.

Orange shortbread cookies from heaven

Orange shortbread cookies from heaven

Thanks for an incredible box, Kirsten!

What is on your winter essentials list?


12 thoughts on “One Kitchen Many Hearts Box

  1. Those cookies! I’m mesmerized by their beautiful swirls and sprinkles, and I love anything citrus. These are keepers. Well, not keepers because you should be eating them, but you know what I mean. I’m still being stingy with the last of the hot cocoa mix Kirsten sent last fall. It’s so good! Another fabulous box from the 45th parallel. I’ve really enjoyed our “Winter Essentials” theme this month.

    • They disappeared within a few days, so they definitely aren’t keepers in that sense. However, they bring sunshine and joy and happiness to my tummy. Winter Essentials was fun! Who knew?!

  2. The one necessity in the Castillo household is a handmade afghan (aka throw or blanket) for each person in the house. They’re so warm and cuddly to wrap up in to keep warm on a cold MN night or day.Gotta get making one for lil Amos. Of course, Anita’s quilts work really well for little guy.

  3. Yay! So glad you liked your wintry loot! I figured if I knew you even half as well as I think I do, your Danish dark chocolate stash would be long gone by now. That’s the stuff breakfast dreams are made of. ,,in fact,I’m pretty sure that Sons #1-#3 were gestated to the third trimester on toast, peanut butter, and Danish chocolate sandwiches.Sadly, I was all out by the time the Baby came along. :;)

    • Everyone should have that Danish dark chocolate in their lives. That’s just a fact. How come I can’t keep track of how many boys live in your house? All of the testosterone plays tricks on my mind!

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