New year: Same old me

Hello internet!

I hope your holiday season was relaxing, joyful, and filled with friends and food.

Mine certainly was!

Happy 2013!!!

Happy 2013!!!

I like to set 1 or 2 fairly general goals for my new year resolutions.  If I get too specific, I usually abandon it after a week or two.  Specific goals are good for work projects, but for an entire year of behavior, I find broad topics are more useful to me.  Whatever floats your boat.

My previous resolutions:
2010-Get involved in an online community
2011-Get to know California
2012-Eat less and move more

I have succeeded in all of those goals!  In fact, last year I lost 23 pounds just by eating less and moving more (only a few of which I gained back during the holidays…woops).

This year’s resolutions are as follows:
1) Continue my journey of eating less and moving more.  It is a habit already, but I want to make sure I don’t slip back into old patterns of Eating All The Things.
2) Don’t become a couch potato.  I’m going to try to do 1 new and exciting thing per month.  Examples of this include attending a concert, visiting a museum, hiking in a new spot, etc.

With school and work, I became a home-body last semester.  Instead of going out and living life, I stayed home and soaked up every spare minute of couch time I could find.  The blog suffered big time because sitting on the couch is not fun to write about or read about.

This year, the “do 1 new and exciting thing per month” goal is really an effort to prevent myself from shriveling up into a couch potato during my downtime.

What are your resolutions for 2013?  Did you keep your resolutions from last year?



2 thoughts on “New year: Same old me

  1. Hey!! It’s been awhile since I’ve visited!! SO thankful for your comment at my site to remind me…LOVE your progress since last year! Yay!!! And glad you’re continuing on in 2013. I’ll be back much sooner–one of my resolutions is to stay connected better with those I adore!! xo

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