Desperate Housewives Kayak Long Beach

Hey, The car poll results are in: we’re most likely getting a Honda Accord!  We love the fuel efficiency, Jonathan loves the space of a sedan, and it’s notoriously long-lasting.  Plus, you guys never steer me wrong.  😉 To practice another form of transportation, I went kayaking on the smooth waters of the Long Beach bay.

For 9 bucks, you can grab a kayak and paddle around the bay for an hour.  The safety video requires that you know how to swim and that you don’t slip, fall, break your neck, and die.  The video narrator literally told us not to die.  haha  Good safety tip!

Tiki hut times

A few of my graduate school cohort buddies and I started a Desperate Housewives club.  Now, most of them aren’t housewives, and I wouldn’t consider myself desperate, but it’s a good way to get out of the house once a week.

So we’ve been doing new things around town once a week over summer break.  Kayaking was the perfect way to spend a sunny Thursday afternoon!

Besides the fact that I got a paddle blister on my good paddle thumb, it was a glorious afternoon out on the open sea.

The desperate housewives/husbands also got a great chance to see their future ocean-side mansions and accompanying yachts.  How decadent!

How have you been soaking up the summer? 


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