Help us find a new car

Hey team,

There is nothing I love more than public transportation, including busses and bicycles, but that’s not always practical in LA.  Sometimes you need a car.  Plus, there’s no way I’m riding the bus home from class at 10:30pm in downtown Long Beach.  I choose life.

That being said, Jonathan and I both drive around this commuter city in 12 year old + cars.  His car smells like a dead creature, has broken speakers (which are daintily covered with flowered throw pillows), and makes thunderous sounds when it hobbles down the street.

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The time has come to say goodbye to the “Camborghini” (a.k.a., the sexy sexy Camry that got Jonathan through college and beyond).

I know zero about cars, mainly because they do not interest me at all.

Things I know: -van -ambulance -car -truck -limo -herse -gas mileage is important -trunk space for my cooler of beers

That’s about it.  I know it’s sad, but I don’t have any desire to increase my knowledge in this instance.

In any case, Jonathan wants my help to him pick out a new car and I am deplorably unhelpful.  I thought maybe you could help by picking your favorite!

Click on your top choice for our new car:

Thanks for voting!

What car would you buy if money was no object?  Do you drive cars until they die or do you love to splurge every few years?


5 thoughts on “Help us find a new car

  1. If you loved the Camry, you’ll love the Honda Accord. I love my 17 year old Civic and I’ll drive it til the end…

  2. We absolutely drive our cars until the wheels fall off or the repair bills start to come close to the cost of a new car. TCP’s truck is 11 years old, and my Jeep is 9. Both are still going strong, so we’re in for the long haul (yes, that’s a truck joke). I voted for the Honda Accord. We had one once, and loved it. It just got too small for us, but that car was the most reliable thing I’ve ever seen on 4 wheels. And the gas mileage was fabulous, too. Happy shopping! Can’t wait to see what you settle on.

    PS – My “money is no object” car used to be the Audi Quattro TT Roadster convertible. Not sure if I’d still go for one now. The practical side of me is ooo-ing and aaah-ing over the Nissan Murano and the Buick Enclave. I’m such a grandma. 🙂

  3. Well, being the same age as you, I can’t help you with the driving-into-the-ground part since I simply haven’t had cars for long periods of time. However, I have always loved cars, so hopefully I can help a little.

    What do you want from the car and what are your needs (daily driver, weekend cruiser)? Are you looking for a fun car for the weekends, like a sporty coupe or convertible? Does a manufacturer’s warranty make a difference? Does it need to be brand new or will you buy a used car? All of the ones you list are sedans (though the Accord also comes as a coupe). Do you need four full-sized seats or would a smaller vehicle like a coupe or hatchback be enough and more practical for space/parking concerns? A hatchback would offer more flexible hauling options in a slightly smaller car than a sedan; however, most sedans are so efficient now that they usually get as good or better gas mileage than many hatchbacks.

    Of the three you list, the VW and Honda are by far the better cars, IMO. The Subaru is ‘vanilla’ and I’m guessing you really don’t need all-wheel drive in CA. All-wheel drive consumes more gas since it drives all four wheels instead of just two. If gas mileage is really important, the Passat comes with a Diesel engine option while the Accord is available as a Hybrid.

    American cars are much better built than they used to be and have solid warranties to match. A Chevy Cruze or Ford Focus might be worth looking at.

    If money is no option and you like VWs, you could look into Audis, as Audi is basically a luxury line of VW. There are plenty of cars that you can spend *lots* of money on…you don’t need my help finding them! The only further advice I will give is to stay away from Mazdas. They are a lot like the Subarus I have driven lately in that they just don’t feel like really well-made cars (we’ve owned plenty of both brands, but the newer ones have cheap interiors and whiny, whimpy engines). Two websites that are pretty easy to navigate and *really* helpful are and

    Best of luck, let me know if I can help any further!

  4. Bacon Slayer is the car guy in our house. All I know about cars is that now that I have heated seats and Sirrius radio, I can never go back. We always buy used cars, and drive them forever. Or until we have another child & need more space. (Which we’re done with, BTW.) 😉 He recommends the Pontiac Vibe. It’s a Toyota Matrix with a Pontiac badge. Great gas mileage, and more bang for the buck with the same reliability.

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