Josie the Pug

It’s that time again…gratuitous photos of Josie time!

I’ve been debating whether or not Josie needs her own Facebook page.  The main draw of the Facebook page is that I would only expose pictures of her to people who are interested.

Grinches and curmudgeons would no longer have to look at her cute pug face on my blog or my personal Facebook page.

All. The. Pillows.

On top of that, I could waste even more time on the internet coming up with quirky one-liners from my dog.

However, that puts me one step away from crazy dog lady (if I’m not a crazy dog lady already).

Olympic diver Josie.

What are your thoughts about a doggy Facebook page?  Would you befriend Miss Josie VonPugglesworth of Greater Long Beach?  Or would you shake your head in embarrassment?  


4 thoughts on “Josie the Pug

  1. Well, I don’t use Facebook so while I fully support the project, I’m also hoping you’ll continue to drop little pug nuggets on your blog. And by pug nuggets, I mean cute pictures, not…. well, I think you know where I’m going with that one. My vote goes to More Josie. Always.

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