The Wedding

It is extremely difficult to write about the best day of my life in a way that shows you how incredible it was for me OR without using a thousand exclamation marks.  Instead, please just know that it really was the best day of my life, closely followed by the time I went skydiving in New Zealand–crying tears of happiness mid-air (a different story for a different day).

Anyway, I could not stop smiling or dancing or laughing.

We don’t have our photographer’s prints yet, but I’ll post what we have.

We started our day early with the traditional Chinese tea ceremony.  It is customary for the bride and groom to serve tea to parents and elder family members on their wedding day. This is an opportunity for the happy couple to express gratitude to their parents for raising them, and to receive marital blessings from family members.

There was a lot of up and down, kneeling and standing.  I lost my shoe a few times and almost ripped my dress a bunch of times.

Ignore my shoe problems. Also, this is probably the only picture of my backside that I’ll ever post on the blog.  Enjoy!

Basically, we serve tea while a lucky lady (our family friend) says a blessing.  Parents drink the tea and then give the couple lucky money and sometimes jewelry that the bride wears. It was lovely.

Then Jonathan and I did a private “first look” photo shoot.  I hate saying “first look” because everyone gets in a huff about it.  Honestly, it was my favorite part of the wedding. Seeing his face for the first time, being able to snuggle up alone, looking at the ceremony room without any people in it…the best.

However, those pictures are still on lock-down with my photographer.  🙂

Then my daddy walked me down the aisle.

When I was really little, I bet my dad a quarter that I would never marry anyone but him. Here he was telling me that I owed him a quarter.

Our friend officiated the wedding, which made it really personal and lovely.

My favorite candid moment shot of the wedding:

It was just the two of us in the room at this exact moment.

We got hitched!

Fist bump!

Stay tuned for the rest of the wedding celebration!  I promise I’ll post a picture with the full wedding dress.


P.S. Photos courtesy of a few people…Robert, Rich, Sam, others?



6 thoughts on “The Wedding

  1. Wow. Just wow. Wow to all of it. You looked smashing in that red dress and gorgeous in your wedding dress. It just warms my heart to see two people so much in love. You’ll always remember this day, Mads. Always. I can’t wait to see more. Congrats and hugs to you & Jonathan!

  2. Mads, that pre-tea ceremony snap was just gorgeous! You look positively radiant. I can’t wait to see more pictures and read more of your perspective on what happened that wonderful day. It was truly a joy.

  3. Mads, you are simply *radiating* Joy in these photos–it’s rolling off you in waves! I’m so happy for you and Jonathan. You’re both so adorable! Your red dress is absolutely stunning. I can’t wait to see your wedding dress, and the rest of the photos. No rush. Enjoy being a Newlywed. 😉

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