Why my dog is actually a cat

It’s been a long time since I have given you a Josie update.  I totally use my blog as an outlet for all of my pug-love, and I’m sorry to subject you to that.  Unfortunately, that’s how it has to be.

Josie is growing up, which means she bites less, pees on the floor less, and acts like a cat more.  I’m not sure what happened, but our pug turned into a cat…

She leaps up on furniture like no dog I’ve ever seen:

The dog bed wasn't always perched on the desk. I got sick of her walking all over my papers after weeks of desk-cat-leaping. *defeat*

She takes long naps in the sun like cats do:

She's totally trying to win the sympathy vote in this one. Such an emo dog!

She hides out under the couch and the bed:

It's kind of hard to see, but she's under the chaise lounge here. It's her favorite spot.


What weirdo things does your pet do?  Do you have a cat-dog too?


4 thoughts on “Why my dog is actually a cat

  1. I totally have a cat-dog. He also naps in the sun, usually in one of our wide windowsills downstairs – after crashing around in the wood blinds to get there. After meals, he goes directly to the living room rug where he stretches out and works his paws into the rug and then rolls and stretches and wipes his dirty mouth on my favorite rug (thank God it’s a multi-colored pattern). And he’s still a perfect match for Josie, although he’s old enough to be her great-grandfather. He turns 13 next week!

    • This is perfect because she only dates great-grandfathers!!! True love.
      Happy birthday to my pal, Ziggy! I wish I could scratch his chin and give him a birthday block of cheese. 🙂

  2. Way back before Zooey and even before HRH, Holden used to behave more like a dog than a cat. He would greet me at the door every day when I got home from work, he would follow me around everywhere, and to this day he still horks down his food just as fast as Zooey does. He doesn’t greet me at the door anymore, which I kind of miss, but now that I usually have HRH when I come in, it’s probably so his tail doesn’t get stepped on.
    Zooey’s just weird in general. I keep trying to get a video of her writhing around, making her coonhound noises, but I never seem to have my camera or phone handy when she does.

  3. Hooray for a Josie update! I had a dog once that thought she was a cat. Actually she thought she was a Diva, but once we rescued another dog, she realized that she was a dog. I guess she decided that a cat was a step up and less of a demotion.

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