Meat free since ’83

My dear friend, P, wrote a guest post on vegetarian cuisine for today.  I love reading about all Chicago has to offer on her blog, Law and Couture.  Stop by later this week for a salad linky party!  <3-Mads


Here’s the post…
Greetings from the Windy City! I’m P over at Law and Couture. Mads and I are friends from college. Well, sisters to be exact. I thought I drop on by at La Petite Pancake to share with you life in Chicago.

Two weeks ago, my boyfriend and I, along with his brother, went to a vegetarian/vegan/gluten free restaurant in Lakeview (a neighborhood in Chicago), called Chicago Diner. There slogan is ‘meat free since ’83’. How clever! Since I have moved to Chicago, I’ve met quite a few people who partake in gluten free diets. I didn’t know much about being gluten free before I met these people (and I’m still trying to understand it).

This restaurant specializes in an all vegetarian menu with mostly vegan options and several gluten free items as well. I love me some meat but I was actually very surprised at how hard it was to make a selection on their menu. There were so many good options! I ended up going with the caprese sandwich, which was a grilled artisan ciabatta panini with chicken seitan, with cheese (there were a few different options but the majority of them included vegan and rGBH free/non-GMO options), tomatoes, fresh basil, and rosemary balsamic reduction. I wish I had a picture to share with you but I couldn’t wait to dive in. In addition to the sandwich, I got a chocolate chip cookie dough vegan shake which tasted amazing! See here…


The shake was a vegan shake made with beet sugar and no high fructose corn syrup. It tasted like the real deal! If you put a vegan shake and non-vegan shake in front of me, I doubt I could taste the difference.

This place is a gem- a cute little diner, on a corner in Lakeview. It is hard to miss because it isn’t that big and with that, there is a long wait. However, once you get in and see all the delicious options to choose from, the wait is worth it. Come visit Chicago sometime and I’ll take you there!


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