Date Night: Recap

A few weeks ago, I asked for your help planning date night.

Go to a sporting event. It is highly unlikely I will do this for date night with Jonathan, but it might be right up your alley! 😉

Here is the collective list of date possibilities:

Art events
Restaurants offering a kitchen tasting to showcase a new chef  (How do you find out about these??)
Bike ride
5k and 10k races
Long walk holding hands
Surprise date night- trade off planning
Kite flying
Ding dong ditch or TPing houses
Building sand castles
Reading aloud to one another
Board games
Day trip adventure
Mini golf
Cooking together
Buy an adventurous Groupon and try something new
Walks in the park
Aquarium visit

Visit a new bar and try a new drink. For example, this awful habanero shot.

My additions:

Comedy club
Wine on the porch/balcony/lawn during sunset
Drive-in movie
Jazz club or any nicer cocktail lounge
Get your palms read (a riskier move for new couples haha)
Dive par with pool or darts
Plays or interactive theater (Jonathan and I did this interactive theater and LOVED it.  Plus, it was produced by Neil Patrick Harris, so what’s not to love?)
Wine tasting at a local wine bar
Play video games together
Find out what’s going on in your neighborhood (Local fairs and events happen here all the time.  I’m getting super stoked for the Garlic Festival!)
Surprise romantic dinner at home for 2
Troll your local bookstore
Build a fort together
Visit the zoo (Although, there’s probably not a zoo I hate more than the LA Zoo.)
Shooting range
Find a tea tasting room for brunch

Rent a boat and cruise around during sunset. Bring a fancy captain's hat and talk in a "yacht accent" (it usually involves pretentious words and a fake British twang. Say things like "Daaahhling".).

For the more expensive date nights:

Indoor sky diving
White water rafting
Horseback riding
Couples massage
Cooking class

Hike it out! I swear I'm taller than most shrubbery. And what's happening to my left boob? This picture is awful haha

I’m really looking forward to reading this list again if we get into another dinner/movie rut!

What was your favorite date of all time?



One thought on “Date Night: Recap

  1. OK…that is hilarious! (Esp. your commentary on photos! :))
    I think Dave would say that most of our “best dates” have had some kind of activities involved–beach or hiking or biking…But I do love to get dressed up and be kind of girlie now and then.
    Typical dates are more like dinner…wander a book store, coffee…Sounds pretty boring, but we are relaxed and happy (and without kids! 🙂
    Love your list–I may have to try some of those! (indoor sky diving!??)

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