Trends I’m not buying

I’m slowly entering into the world of professional adulthood, which means my clothes should too.  I recently lost 10 pounds…THAT’S RIGHT, WORLD…so now my old work pants fit.  Hoorah!

However, I’m left with zero dress shirt options.  Ideally, I would have 1-2 button up shirts, 3-4 semi-casual tees and long sleeves, and 1-2 cardigans.

Sounds like a fun shopping trip!  Wrong.  For the first time in my life, I shopped for 3 hours without finding a single garment worth purchasing.

Pick your jaws up off of the floor, and I’ll tell you why.

The stingray sleeve aka “batwings”:

I actually pretended I was a bat in several fitting rooms. There was nothing else I could do, but laugh.

I have some curves, and this style does nothing to accentuate the small part of my waist, while hiding my hip jiggle.  Instead, my torso becomes 1 indistinguishable blob.  The stingray sleeve is on 90% of tops out there.

The other 10% have this cute little feature: Asymmetry.

Hey, hey, my right side is longer than my left side.

Or better yet:

Aka "the butt flap"

I also am particularly fond of the new look I like to call “I’m a peasant girl who stumbled upon a hippie festival”:

The longer I look at this image, the more I'm confused about who this person is.

I realize that these looks work with some body types, but it’s definitely not mine.

I may have lost this shopping battle, but hopefully I win the war.  I’m headed into battle again this weekend.  Wish me luck!

What trends are you avoiding like the plague right now?  What trends are you loving?


12 thoughts on “Trends I’m not buying

  1. This season is all about geometric prints, orange, navy blue, and red, and blocking. Also making a popular debut: neon colors. I am not interested.

  2. “I’m a peasant girl who stumbled upon a hippie festival” = LOVE.

    Also, although I hate to admit it, this might describe my inner shopper. For some reason I am always, always drawn to flowy and drapey. But I repress that inner shopper with ruthlessness.

  3. Since I live for leggings, etc. I don’t mind the booty-flap. But this batwing thing? NOT working for me at all. I think that it’s SO shapeless that everyone ends up looking like…a blob. End of story. And you can’t just belt it and make it all better.

    • The booty flap picture is definitely the least offensive of the bunch, but that t-shirt is $80, which is unacceptable. I need to buy a few more leggings/tunics, as my body is in a phase where it hates jeans. I’m between sizes, so we have the saggy butt look in some jeans, and the muffin top in others.

    • I know! That’s what I was thinking when I went shopping. However, I went to the more “adult” section of Macy’s and nothing was working for me there either. I guess I’m between styles? I can’t think of a better explanation.

  4. First of all…Hooray! 10 pounds!!

    And batwings? Those aren’t even cute on the bat. If they trying to bring back the ’80’s, the least they can do it bring back the cuter parts.Asymmetric neon animal prints flatter no one.

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