Wisdom Teeth

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What to expect when you get your wisdom teeth removed: The Jonathan chronicles.

1) Your fiancée will be busy watching Let’s Make a Deal in the lobby, while you are getting knocked unconscious.

2) As soon as you come to, you will attempt to tell everyone around you about how you fought a dragon.  But you must adamantly remind them that it was a robot dragon, NOT a real dragon.  Upon further thought, you tell them you can’t be sure if it was real or a robot.  Things are confusing now.

Jonathan approved the posting of this image

3) You will request your teeth back as a birthday present for a friend.  Your fiancée says she will work on making that happen.  You’re satisfied that you have found the perfect gift.

4)  The oral surgeon, the dental assistant, and your fiancée will describe how to take care of yourself after surgery.   You will beg for someone to tell you how to take care of yourself after surgery.  You will beg for this approximately 15 more times.

5)  You will sing Mulan’s “Reflection” in the pharmacy.  The lady collecting porcelain cat figurines will give you a strange look.

6) As soon as you get home and the anesthesia meds wear off, you will have terrible pain and nausea.


He’s all better now!  A little sore, but he’s off painkillers and he’s starting to eat more.  🙂

Have you said any crazy things coming out of surgery?  What’s the best you’ve heard?


9 thoughts on “Wisdom Teeth

  1. Our daughter talked for 45 minutes about how her dad (The Complete Package) makes the best chocolate chip cookies in the entire world. When they wheeled her out, the tech shook his hand and said, “Congratulations. I hear you make the best CC cookies in the world. That’s quite an accomplishment.” She talked about them all the way home, then took a nap. When she woke up, she had no memory of any of it. Cookies aren’t as exciting as robot dragons (or real ones), but they’re much tastier. Or so I’ve heard. Glad Jonathan’s feeling better very soon, and I hope I’m never on his gift-giving list.

  2. Oh man, I tried to take my blackened (from the cauterizer or whatever) teeth from the OR. And on the way home I tried to sign language Mom and then attempted to eat my tongue. Having a numb mouth was a totally novel experience, because I’ve never had a cavity before. Good lord.

  3. I didn’t say strange things after I had my wisdom teeth out, but I was definitely in some pain for a few days. I just remember Andrew coming by as I lay in bed and asking if I’d enjoy “a nice crisp apple”. Amusingly, he had his wisdom teeth out a few months later and I was able to return the favor.

  4. When I had my wisdom teeth out, the anesthesia was like truth serum. And my mother took FULL advantage. I’m still not sure what I divulged to this day. But I know it must have been juicy, because she never looked at me quite the same after that. ha.

  5. Um, Jonathan rocks. I can’t think of many guys that would allow their face to be shown on a blog especially after surgery! Glad he is feeling better. I remember getting my wisdom teeth pulled my senior year of college. It was my first time under the knife. I remember laying down and almost bursting into tears because I thought I was going to die! Then the anesthesia took over and I was out like Lottie’s left eye. The surgery was a success and I remember eating a butt load of ice cream the rest of the week!

  6. My mom said that I kept saying that surgery was not that bad every few minutes for the first hour after surgery. I was in high school at the time. Then, I got home and threw up all over myself right as my boyfriend came over to visit.

  7. Awww, poor guy. But how nice that he approves of you blogging about it–photo and all! 🙂
    Glad it’s over…Now my son saw the pic over my shoulder and is getting worried about when HE needs to get them pulled (in the far-off future!)

  8. Having my wisdom teeth removed was one of the most painful things I’ve ever endured. Next to my root canal that is.

    And I’ve had a child! If that puts things into perspective!

  9. I don’t remember much after getting my wisdom teeth out. I don’t do anesthesia well, so I tend to sleep it off for a long time. I do remember waking up on the couch and finding out it was 3 days after my surgery. I had been awake off and on during those 3 days, but I had no memory of it! Jonathan is a trooper for approving of the photo. Glad he’s feeling better!

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