Spring semester GIVEAWAY!!!

Hey team,

In the spirit of heading back to school for the spring semester, I thought it might be time to do a giveaway!  This giveaway features all of the things that help me relax after a long week of classes.

The giveaway includes:

My favorite HUE slippers!  I have a pair of these that I haven’t taken off since Christmas.  So maybe they’re not specifically for relaxation, but they are wonderful. (your choice of color)

Two bath products from LUSH! (1 bubble bar and 1 bath bomb)

Naja Relaxation Tea!

A batch of homemade cookies from me PLUS Lindt A Touch of Sea Salt!  I don’t know how to relax completely without my sweet fix.

To enter the giveaway*:

Simply leave a comment here on your favorite relaxation products.

For additional entries:

-Tweet about the giveaway and leave a comment here saying you tweeted.  (“@madsyjoy I want to win the relaxation giveaway http://bit.ly/wgerWQ”)

-Link back to this post on your blog and leave a comment here saying you blogged it.

*The giveaway is limited to entries in the US. My apologies to my overseas friends!*

The contest ends at 12pm Pacific Coast Time on Wednesday, January 25th.


P.S. Hue, Lush, Naja, and Lindt should totally be paying me for promoting their products, but they aren’t.  I’ll let you know when I’m cool enough to have big time advertisers on this little ole blog of mine 😉

19 thoughts on “Spring semester GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. I love everything you’re about to giveaway to me (haha). Is it okay that my favorite relaxation products include a sleepy dog and Comcast On Demand?

  2. i love the Lindt with a touch of sea salt, which I first tried after I recieved a bar from Mads after I was fired from a job. Those slipppers seem super comfy! I also love to relax with Netflix on my macbook in my cozy bed with a cup of cocoa!

  3. The Hue slippers would have been enough, but then you added sea salt chocolate, cookies, bath products and hot tea? Shut the front door! Sounds divine. My favorite relaxation therapy is a foot rub with Origins peppermint foot cream and having my hair brushed (yes, TCP will give me a foot rub and brush my hair if I ask nicely). A hot cocoa and a fleece blanket in front of a fire works, too. Hope your spring semester is a breeze, Mads!

  4. My favorite relaxation items = a treadmill and yoga mat. Is that weird? I guess I can add in the bottle of pinot noir I usually finish after the use of said treadmill and yoga mat 😉

  5. You have totally listed all of my favorite things in one giveaway. I love to relax under a blanket with a steamy mug of tea or a glass of wine, and a good Netflix rom-com or period drama. If I have the inclination to give myself a pedi, then all the better.

  6. Relaxation moments come in the form of: a Saturday morning, drinking a Diet Coke with a lemon and snuggled into my blankets with cooking shows on! Welcome to 2 days from now for me.

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