Face Biting

I’m not sure if this is a pug thing or a dog thing or a “my dog is a crazy dog” thing…

Josie is the one that has lost her damn mind in this picture.


Either way, the mid-face bite pictures are hilarious.

Do you have a pet?  What does he/she do that cracks you up every time?


p. s. In case there was confusion, this is play-biting.  My dog has never actually bitten another dog in attack.  I can see how confusion would happen, as Josie looks like she’s gone full on Cujo.


8 thoughts on “Face Biting

    • Shockingly, she is totally an alpha dog. I mean, not in an angry way, but she definitely thinks she is the boss.
      Luckily, I know that once the raincoat is on, Mama Mads is in charge. 😉

  1. Thank you for having Josie, so I can live vicariously through you.

    I would have to say that Spot is a man-diva. And over Christmas, he wouldn’t leave Marcus’ side. Wherever he was, Spot had to be too. If Marcus was sitting in a chair with his leg crossed, Spot would be sitting beneath his dangling foot, staring straight ahead.

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