The best sandwich in the world

Imagine, if you will…a sandwich so powerful, so tasty, so UNbelievable, that your life would be forever changed with 1 bite.

I took that bite and I’m a different person because of it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t capture this beauty on camera.  However, I did draw an incredible likeness of the sammy:

Layers of pesto, arugula, fresh juicy tomato, red onion, cheese, and TURKEY!  Oh, the pepper turkey!  All on a french baguette.



What have you eaten recently that deserved an “amen” or even a “yeah, buddy”?  


p.s. This was hilarious in the midst of an 8 hour lecture.  I realize the comedic value might be lost once my sanity returns.

p.p.s. Wouldn’t it be awesome if this is what the “Cooking” section of The Pioneer Woman’s blog was like?  hahahaha I have a feeling she might lose several thousands of readers.  I hope I don’t lose you to this.


4 thoughts on “The best sandwich in the world

  1. omg – your picture made me laugh so hard! That’s awesome. I think any recipe/food you share with us from this point forward should be drawn. Seriously – I love that picture!

    P.s. – I can’t believe 8 hour lectures exist – I barely got through my 3 hour lectures in university!

    • hahah It might be a repeat on the blog. We’ll see if any other foods inspire another burst of artistic creation.

      p.s. I couldn’t believe they existed either!! It was so hard to listen for 8 hours, but the bright side was that it was over in 2 weekends. UGGH

  2. The drawing of the arugula is hands-down my favorite part. You really paid attention to the anatomy of the leaf.

    The idea of pesto in the midst of all of that makes my heart sing.

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