Date Night

Hey team,

Jonathan and I spent last semester like two ships passing in the night.  I was busy all the time with school, and he worked late and sometimes on weekends.  Read: Not. Fun.

We made a commitment to each other to make this semester different with a weekly date night.  NICE!

So far our date nights have included:

-eating dinner out

-going to movies

A typical night on the town:

We want to continue the tradition, but we’re running out of ideas other than dining out.  The other day we actually bought a puzzle in hopes of mixing up date night (it’s actually pretty hard to do puzzles if you don’t have any sort of table in your home).

Do you have date night?  What creative things have you done for dates?


12 thoughts on “Date Night

  1. Lasertag! It sounds lame with only two people but it is actually thrilling. Sandcastle building? Kite flying? Ding dong ditching friends? Have you ever read a book aloud to each other? Perhaps not date-material, so much as a good way to fall asleep or road trip, but it’s fun. If you stoke yourself up you could go TPing or ghosting!

  2. Any and all art events
    Restaurants offering a kitchen tasting to showcase a new chef
    Bike ride
    5k n 10k races
    Long walk holding hands
    Surprise date night- trade off planning

  3. We’ve been dealing with the same sort of thing – Ben studying endlessly, and me having to sleep and work two jobs – so our minds are wilted and can’t think of any date night ideas.
    I love the concerts idea. We did a board game night for NYE. Scattagories whilst drinking is never dull, even for two. But during the summer we love to go picnic, or day-trip to fun places. This is why winter blows.

  4. Dining out is always the simplest date night option, and I find it a difficult one to drift away from too. Cooking together is an alternative but still a fairly similar date. Going out for drinks at the weekend, as if you’re on a first date is fun. And day dates are good in the summer. Maybe group on will provide cheap already organised date ideas that you could just steal?!

  5. taking walks in the park and just sitting in the swings at the Park <anything outdoors and recently we went to the Georgia Aqueriaum lots of fun

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