Engagement Photo Shoot

Hey Team,

The engagement pictures are in!!!!

Inside the Walker Institute of Arts in Minneapolis, MN

Before the engagement photo session, I honestly had no idea why people took engagement pictures.  I mean, Jonathan and I already have a ton of pictures together.  Why all the fuss?

Then we met the photographer, Poly.  She was the sweetest thing and made us feel right at ease.  Jonathan was looking particularly dapper, and we were instructed to giggle the afternoon away and smooch from time to time.  SO. MUCH. FUN.

At the Sculpture Gardens in Minneapolis, MN

She had a knack for making the mundane look incredible!

This wheat field was pretty much the same thing as seen in the Geico commercials. 10 points for getting that reference.

Despite my initial skepticism, I ended up checking our mailbox three times a day in anticipation.  haha I’m such a hypocrite.

Laughing about who knows what.

It’s things like this that remind me why we are in the trenches of wedding planning.  I love that handsom dude.

I can’t wait to work with Poly again on our wedding day!  She was wonderful!

Did you (or do you plan on) have engagement pictures?  What was your favorite moment captured on camera from your wedding?


12 thoughts on “Engagement Photo Shoot

  1. What great pics. And, you can really see that you are in love with the dude! Of course, you can also see that he is madly in love with you too. Perfect.

    As far as engagement picture for Man and me – not even close. But I believe that professional photos taken together every so often is a great idea! Captures so much more than candid photos somehow. Lov’ the candids but you can see “professionalism” is a good thing.

  2. Mads, your snaps are absolutely gorgeous and you’ll love them forever – it’s nice to have some that aren’t in The Dress…you know?

  3. I could barely stand taking wedding pictures around the gorgeous Bellagio Hotel, so I definitely passed on the engagement pics…our save the date picture was taken on some Friday night at the Library. Classy I know!!

  4. Your engagement photos are SO beautiful! You’ll be so glad that you captured those candid moments before you were married. We still ave a few of our engagement photos strewn about & I still love them. Good call.

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