New year, same old me: Part Trois

Hello hello!

I am finally home after a 10 day hiatus from life and the internet.  Did ya miss me?  I missed you!

While I was away, we planned the majority of the wedding, ate until our pants fit no more, caught up with old friends, and coined a new holiday catchphrase, “It’s Christmas, you asshole.”  All in all, it was a great vacation!

Now that I’m back, I want to start thinking about New Years Resolutions.  Each year (for the past 2 years), I have made 1 vague resolution for the entire year.

2010-Get involved in an online community…Hey!  That’s you!

2011-Get to know California…I have been working hard at this, but it is a continual effort.  I’ve been on several vacations throughout the state, tried tons of new restaurants, and visited a few historical spots.

2012-Eat less and move more.

Most people will tell you that goals should be specific and measurable.  I find that if I am too specific in my goal setting I give up easily and forget the big picture.  I do have smaller specific health goals, but the big picture for 2012 is to live healthfully.  

My other idea was to follow a goal-setting plan similar to The Art of Non-Conformity.  This involves very detailed planning and a monthly progress check.  I may not be motivated enough to do that, but it sounds really neat in theory.

How do you map out your goals?  What motivates you to stick to your goals?

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday break!


p.s. I didn’t take A SINGLE picture over my vacation 😦  Hopefully photos will appear from other people in the next few weeks.


7 thoughts on “New year, same old me: Part Trois

  1. Your hiatus sounds perfect. As far as New Year’s goals, I have made the beyond original goal of some healthy lifestyle changes. In terms of motivation, I’m hoping the fact that I committed to doing in on my blog will be what forces me to follow through. I still haven’t mapped out all the details yet, but I’m feeling the pressure to start now that I threw it out in the universe.

  2. Hey, Mads! Reality check: Was it truly “working hard” to know California last year??? I mean, it would be hard work to get to know Fargo, ND in January, but seriously…Long Beach?

    • I think I make a concerted effort to get out of the apartment and do things. Most of the time I want to stay home and watch Moonshiners. 😉
      Plus, I have traveled more in-state than I ever do in MN. So…winning?

  3. I totally had something very prophetic to say about resolutions, but lost it when you referenced Moonshiners. That show is my new train-wreck-reality-crack-TV. Until something weirder comes along. As far as resolutions go, I opt out and instead go with a “theme” for the year. Last year’s theme was Stop-Eating-the-A$%-End-Out-of-Everything-and-Move-More. It worked for me. Good luck with your theme!

  4. I took zero pictures on NYE, so I’m afraid I will be of no use.

    I definitely need big picture goals or else I’m a major quitter. Perfectionists get caught up in the meaningless details.

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