Camping in December

Hey team,

A few friends decided this weekend would be the perfect weekend for a camping getaway.  I know California is warm year-round, but my first thought was, “Camping in December?!  Are you guys out of your damn minds?”  In fact, they were out of their minds, but I went ahead and drank the kool-aid anyway.  So we headed up to Lake Elsinore, CA.

Upon arrival at our campsite, we were greeted with a pile of human hair.

I have seen enough episodes of Criminal Minds to know that does not mean good things.  Either that, or Bigfoot decided to get a quick trim before traipsing back into the forest.

Moving along…

The weekend started out with a hike through mountain lion infested trails.  I’m used to bear country, where you play dead or make loud noises.  Apparently mountain lions will eat you if you play dead.  The trick is to stand tall.  Uhmmm…sure…that will definitely help me.

No matter, the view was way too incredible to care.

Ok, so we’ve got human hair and mountain lions.  I’m feeling pretty confident that I’m going to die at this point.

Then we found this on our hike:


Luckily, the only thing that almost killed me was the freezing cold temperatures at night.  I have never shivered for so many hours on end.  Unbelievable.

Lake Elsinore was incredibly beautiful!  I had an absolute blast, but I can officially say that I won’t be camping in December again.  At least, not without a space heater 😉

Have you ever camped in the winter?  What is your best camping advice for the chilly weather?


9 thoughts on “Camping in December

  1. Sounds like a good time, Mads, in spite of the cold. I’m glad you didn’t actually freeze.

    My only winter camping experience came when I was a boy scout. Nowadays, I prefer to stay inside from about October through March.

  2. Camping in the freezing cold? Are you kidding? I’m out. Way out. Even with a sub-zero mummy bag. I prefer a nice spring camping experience with cool temps and no mosquitoes yet. And an RV or cabin would be nice, too.

    PS – Glad you didn’t get eaten by a mountain lion. And I’m pretty sure that hook might be for hanging food or trash bags so the animals don’t get into anything. Or to keep them occupied so they don’t kill you in your sleep. Whatever.

  3. I think this might be my favorite blog post of all time from you. The hair, the animals and the shivering combined to create the perfect storm. I’m just glad you made it home in one piece.

  4. OK…the human hair might give ME bad dreams tonight! 😉
    yikes, you are brave to stick it out…and looks like it ended up a great time!
    I love camping, or at least the idea of it. haha!

  5. After seeing the hair I would have run in the other direction. Fast. And I wouldn’t have looked back! How terrifying.

    Glad you had a good time though…you are far more adventurous than me.

  6. I was all cool with the possibility of mountain lions or other wild life, but I must say that hair did me in. Oh, and I kept waiting for you to show a pic of a big, scary snake or something that crawled into to your tent to keep warm. We were big campers growing up, but I don’t do it much anymore. Apparently Bacon Slayer is no longer a fan of sleeping on the ground. I’m still working on it, though…

    Family folklore: my mom & her family camped in the winter once down south, and had a bear come into their tent at night. Guess my Grandma had baked a chocolate cake to take camping (??) and had it in the tent. They all laid very, very still until the bear finished eating it & left. They never camped as a family, again. 🙂

  7. Zomg, this is like a horror movie. I am seriously afraid of camping outside because of movies and crazy stories about wild animals. Good on you for doing it and having a good time! I would have probably been hiding in the car, ready to go home.

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