Sad Christmas decor

Jonathan and I officially put up the Christmas decorations.  When I moved out of my parents’ house for good (about 6 years ago), I snagged all of the decorations that could go unnoticed.  Then I bought a few tchotchke items from Target, and a small plastic tree.

This looks huge, but it's really only 4 feet tall.

That’s it.

The little snow buddies.

Those have been my decorations for the past 6 years.

The sad sad doorway hanging.

I love them, but I feel like something is missing this year.  My heart desires more.  I want holly and bells and santas and elves bursting out of every corner of my little home.

These Christmas bulbs replaced my gourd display for fall. How Martha Stewart of me!

I hear Santa skips houses if he’s bored with the decor.

We call him Bathroom Santa. He likes little boys. haha sorry. Seriously though, this one kind of creeps me out. Santa has dead eyes.

So how often do you add to your Christmas collection?  

What should I add to my decor to make it less depressing?



15 thoughts on “Sad Christmas decor

  1. I’ve always been totally against plastic trees, etc. so of course I married a man who already owned *three* plastic trees (two little guys for decoration) as well as plastic holly boughs (eyeroll) . . . anyway, point is: the holly boughs are awesome! You can hang them almost anywhere and/or arrange them on the table and they cover up a myriad of sins as well as looking instantly festive. Highly recommend.

    Oh, and I like your christmas ball decoration! I may very well go home and do that!

    • Thanks! They are just giant Christmas bulbs in candle holders. They are surrounded by some sort of beaded garland? I have no idea. My mom did that for me. haha

      I’ll check out this holly situation. Currently, I drew holly on our whiteboard as another sad alternative to beautiful decor.

  2. A few thoughts- Go online to Pier1 for some inexpensive, fun decorations. It will lift your spirits. Either toss the door hanging or drape it around the tree.

  3. I know how it is…we’ve just slowly collected over the years. There are SO MANY cheap, but cute things at places like Target these days–I say just set a budget and go pick up what you’re drawn to!
    over the years I have done things like put sparkly ornament balls (inexpensive ones,) in bowls on the table, and cut out my own snow flakes…it’s all good! 🙂
    And I like your tree! 😉

  4. Your decorations are cute! I try to add a few new things every year (this year it’s a nutcracker and an updated stocking), but I hate spending a ton of money on it, I usually cheap out and buy some colorful balls and garlands and fill clear bowls and vases with them. Then I scatter them around and it feels more festive.

  5. I like your tree! When we used to rock the 4 ft. tree, I moved an end table and plopped it on top so that the tree looked bigger, and much more impressive from the street. The elevated tree was also safer from my Great Danes’ tail. One good wag, and those glass ball ornaments flew like baseballs hit against the wall. I also love filling clear bowls, mason jars, vases with cheap & sparkly plastic ornaments, and setting them all over.

  6. Confession: I think the sad, sad doorway hanging actually looks pretty cool. And I also like the ornaments in the candle holders. We add little bits every year, although a giant chasm exists between Martha Stewart and myself. Walmart has some surprisingly decent-looking ornaments for $0.97 a piece this year that I helped myself to last weekend. I’m currently working on a glass pedestal cake dish, filling it with ornaments and trying to incorporate a coastal theme with shells and starfish. We’ll see how it turns out, because I’ve never tried it before.

  7. I have a two foot tree if it makes you feel any better? Remember, it’s not the size that counts:)

    You should check out local antique stores because a lot of them might have vintage decorations that can add a different flare besides the standard Target decorations.

    • haha We both have Charlie Brown trees…ain’t nothin’ wrong with that!
      I love the vintage idea! I have way too much Target stuff, so that’s a great idea!

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