I am making my first homemade bird.  I am going with Comfortably Domestic’s Citrus Herb Roasted Turkey recipe!

Luckily, the roasting pan came in the mail just in time.  Thanks, Pioneer Woman!

The corn bake is done (recipe soon to follow).

The stuffing is prechopped.

The bird is waiting for instructions.

My wine glass is full.

My fat pants are ready.

I’m getting my game face on:

"I wanna wear wipstick so I can wook wike a wady"


Can you tell this post was written with a glass of Riesling in hand?  Perhaps…

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

What’s your favorite dish at Thanksgiving?


p.s. All posts tagged “I can’t remember” are posts I wrote while under the influence.  Have fun with that.

4 thoughts on “TURKEY DAY!!!

  1. One can’t help but channel the inner hunter/gatherer with a pair of meat lifters in hand.

    The wipstick shot killed me dead.

    And I do. I’m the one that eats the cranberry sauce. I could eat nothing but cranberry sauce & corn bread w/gravy on Thanksgiving and be happy with the world. Happy Thanksgiving, Mads! (& Jonathan too, of course.)

  2. I noticed that the actual tag for this post was “I can’t rememer”. Too funny! Did you do that on purpose?

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!

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