My brain is FRIED

This post brought to you by a hamster who fell off the wheel…

I spent every waking moment this weekend working on a paper.  It is easily the most amount of time and thought that has gone into any of my school assignments ever.  I haven’t bathed in several days, and my body is surviving off of leftover chow mein.  This better be an A.

I am supposed to cook Thanksgiving dinner and run a 5k on Thursday.  HAH!  HAH HAHhahahahahaa  *eye twitch* hahahah *vomit*

This wedding better plan itself.  6 months until “I do” and I have spent approximately 3 days planning.  Uhmm  I’m so glad I’m not a DIY bride, or I would be stabbing myself in the eye with a glue gun right about now.

Parks and Recreation is the only thing keeping me sane right now.  Please enjoy the many faces of Ron Swanson:

Courtesy of the Flying Scotsman. (click to be redirected to original source)




4 thoughts on “My brain is FRIED

  1. Good luck on your assignment!! That’s one thing I don’t miss about school.

    I do miss flexible schedules however…this 9-5 thing is totally overated.

    Love Rob Swanson!

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