The Fall Five

Hello ladies and gents,

Given that it’s the middle of NOVEMBER (shocking, I know), I thought it was time to reexamine my progress with my five goals of Fall: The Fall Five.

1) Get myself a Fall haircut.  Status: mission complete!  I finally found a stylist in Long Beach that suits my tastes.  Amen.  My favorite part of the haircut?  When he said, “I don’t want to ruin the marriage for you or anything, but you know since he’s Chinese, his mother’s going to move in with you at some point.”  hahah

2) Learn more about DSLR cameras.  Status: behind schedule.  Ok, so I haven’t learned how to take pretty pictures, but I have learned what *most* of the buttons are for.  Baby steps, people.  Baby steps.  I also wrote a post on cropping, which hasn’t seemed to help much since.

My best picture to come out of my fall practice:

This might be more about the deliciousness of the pie than actual photography skills.

3) Complete a 5k without walking.  Status: in progress.  I took a spinning class to build up my endurance (biking translates to running farther, no?).  I’m not certain it worked, but I am certain of my butt bruises.  Must buy padded biking shorts.

4) Fully transition to a hosted domain.  Status: in progress.  I bought the domain, but I need help to move all of my old content over.  Jonathan is too busy with work to help, so I am attempting to wait patiently.  This is my passive aggressive message to him.

5) Taste all the wine possibilities for my wedding.  Status: abandon effort.  As part of my effort to live longer and lose significant weight, I’ve given up weeknight drinking.  This leaves no room for trying 10 new wines.  Believe me, I am more disappointed than you.  The good news?  I lost 5 pounds without doing anything else.  Amen.

How are your fall goals coming along?  


5 thoughts on “The Fall Five

  1. Great updates…So much fun. I usually bring things up and then somehow forget to ever mention it again. You’re keeping accountable. Respectable I say!
    Way to go–you’ve got at least “progress” on almost everything. 🙂
    Happy Turkey Day and you’ll do awesome!! No worries!

  2. The moment the snow fell, I was super-thankful that I bit the bullet and took my car for a wash on Friday. I haven’t driven it since then, just to bask in the cleanliness of it all.

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