Folks, this is epic.  A few of my fellow bloggers decided it would be great to compete in a pie-off.  That’s right…PIE-OFF!!!

I’ve made a few pies in my day–strawberry cream pie, boston cream pie, banana cream pie (Do you sense a theme?), pecan pie, and french silk pie.

As you might be able to tell, I’m avoiding baked fruit pies.  Something about the challenge has paralyzed me with cooking fear.

That being said, I have vowed to change that this fall.  Baking a fruit pie is my #1 goal!

Next Thursday you will be able to see the fruits (ba-dum-bum) of my labor, and I will also be linking up with the other pie contestants.

Is there something you are nervous about cooking for the first time?  What’s your worst kitchen disaster?


13 thoughts on “Pie-Off

  1. I’m voting for peach. Mmmm…. peach pie. The beauty of peach pie is that you can use frozen peaches (available year-round). I like to toss in a cup of peach preserves, too. Just for extra flavor and sweetness. I’m coming back every half hour to vote for peach until I run the bejeezus up on the score. PS – thanks for not putting a “one per IP address” limiter on your poll, Mads!

  2. I was always afraid of fruit pies too! Then last year I combined two recipes and came up with a caramel apple pie that was to. DIE. For. Good luck in your pie off!

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