Happy Halloweensicles!

This Halloween, Jonathan scared me by turning into Martha Stewart.

He didn’t dress up as Martha, but he revealed a whole new side to himself…a decorative side…*ahem*

He nearly shoved me out of the way so he could perfect the twist on these streamers.


And of course, Halloween wouldn’t be complete without dressing up Josie:

I’m spending Halloween night in class, but I will be thinking spooky thoughts.  That makes me sound creepy.  I will be there in spirit…as a spirit?  I am failing at Halloween puns right now.

What are you doing for Halloween?  What’s the best costume you have seen this year?



13 thoughts on “Happy Halloweensicles!

  1. A banana-pug?! Let’s just say that I showed Bacon Slayer, and all he said was “that is awesome!” I wonder what other hidden talents Jonathan is keeping from you. He’s definitely the streamer-go-to guy.

    • I saw a Boston Terrier dressed up as a Chia Pet, which was by far my favorite animal costume. haha
      I’m hoping we can fashion Josie some sort of Yoda costume next year.

  2. Josie looks adorable!
    I can’t say that I did much on Halloween. I didn’t even answer the door, because my daughter and her friend did that (in costume).

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