Save the Dates and Wedding Sanity

Jonathan is a dude who happens to have really talented friends.  One of these talented friends, Trung, offered to take a few pictures of us on the beach for our “Save the Date” cards.  How awesome is that?

I’m learning about this stuff as I go along, but apparently Save the Dates go out 6-8 months before a wedding to alert people to the fact that you will be getting married.  I would normally ignore this particular bit of wedding advice, but it’s slightly more important when a solid chunk of our guests will have to make flight and hotel arrangements.

Anyway, Trung gave us the daunting task of smooching on the beach at sunset.  Here are some of the best snaps:

This pic had a long exposure time...meaning we held this smooch for a really long time in order to get the cool water effect. I love it.

This picture was a joke and entirely our idea, but I think it captures our personalities well.



We had such a blast taking these pictures.  Thank you, Trung!

Did you send out “Save the Dates”?  What’s the worst piece of wedding advice you promptly ignored? 

Other sources for sane weddings:

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16 thoughts on “Save the Dates and Wedding Sanity

  1. Love the pics!! I ignored any advice about wedding favors and through them out the window completely because honestly, who cares about the crappy little item sitting at your spot 🙂

  2. You two are so cute!! I love the pictures. As for save the dates – well, I am very single so I have no real input there. I guess, if it is further out than I say it could be a good idea, but there is no rule that you must. If it stresses you out than I would say for go it – but then again, I am by no means an expert on the topic.
    Much love,

  3. Love the pictures – especially the cool wave effect in the first!

    We pretty much ignored *all* wedding advice – as long as you’re doing what feels right to you, chances are that it will all work out A-OK.

  4. Mads, you took so many great pictures! I love them all.

    We almost didn’t send them out because in Pam’s words, “Doesn’t everyone who is coming already know when this is happening?” Which was actually fairly accurate.

    The fact of the matter: No one cares when you send them out, we all just want you on our fridges 🙂

  5. 1. I agree with Kat
    2. I tried so hard to NOT send out save the dates…and then I decided I wanted to have a pizza party with my bridesmaids and they just kinda happened.
    3. I clearly ignored everything. I got married in Vegas 😉

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