Learning is fun when…

…it involves gorgeous views of Hollywood.

My friend, Kay! (regular readers-this is not my only t-shirt)

…you get to touch moon rocks

Mars & The Moon!

…Leonard Nimoy is your tour guide

Live long and prosper

…there is a threat of electrocution

Tesla Coil in action

…you can impress your friends with Nikola Tesla knowledge based on Drunk History

Youtube "Drunk History" for more hilarious videos/learning

…James Dean gives you the creepy eye

Apparently he starred in a movie that was filmed at the Griffith Observatory, but this still doesn't explain why his statue needs to be so creepy.

This was my first trip to the Griffith Observatory, and it was fantastic!  I highly recommend it for anyone visiting California.

What is the best museum you have been to?  Do you absorb random facts from tv and the internet and then use them to impress friends?  No?  Well, you should really think about trying it.



8 thoughts on “Learning is fun when…

  1. Oh lord…the best museums? The Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian), the Newseum, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Sackler Gallery (Smithsonian – antiquities), The Cloisters (The Met – medieval/antiquities), La Musee de Cluny (antiquities) I’m a major sucker for ancient stuff – the older, the better.

  2. I love museums of any kind. I figure if someone spends the time and effort to curate a collection, then I’ll probably get something out of it. My mom dragged me though all of the stateside Smithsonians as a kid, and I hope to do the same with my boys. So far, we’ve taken them to the the Museum of Natural History, and the Museum of Science & Industry. They loved. I also like to seek out old libraries & transportation depots, because the art and architecture are often museum quality.

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