State of Affairs: Shoe Edition

If you are on Klout and fully understand what it means, can you please explain it to me?  From my understanding, Klout is a website that uses a meaningless algorithm to show your standing in the popularity contest influence among your friends.

In any case, Klout page got the grand idea that i was influential about shoes.  Now, anyone that has seen my shoe collection knows that I could not possibly know anything about shoes due to the sheer number of Old Navy flip flops I keep on hand.

Exhibit A:

My favorite part is that my toes have left a permanent impression. It's like a ghost is wearing them always.

There’s still some hope for me yet, though.  I do wear pumps from time to time and I keep a few on hand.

Exhibit B.

Excuse the awful carpet. We live in a rental.

Mostly I like to wear shoes that are comfortable that can get me from Point A to Point B without causing battle wounds.

Exhibit C:

Suuuuper attractive, right?

Clearly I have a need for some cute shoes that are comfortable enough to do some serious walking in.

Please help me!  Have you seen anything that can fill the void?  What have you bought recently that you can wear everywhere?


9 thoughts on “State of Affairs: Shoe Edition

  1. I have a pair of slip-on converse that I wear with just about everything. They’re a brownish gray, and I heart them so hard.

    What’s wrong with flip flops though? Always appropriate. 😉

    • Ah converse…yes! That is a cause I can get behind.

      I love the flip flops, believe me, I do. I tend to rely on them too much. For example, my flip flops might not be the most appropriate bar shoes or meeting the girls for lunch shoes.

  2. Sorry I am NO help…I typically wear one pair of basic “slippahs” (that’s the Hawaiian way to say flip flops,) that I wear every day until they are sooooo worn out I am embarrased, then I replace them. Occasionally I dress up with a different pair, but rarely anything too dressy. In fact, if I wear heels (say, for a date with hubby,) I feel really weird now. Kind of sad, but part of our very casual, Hawaiian life/culture. I think you’re ahead of me girl!! 😉 Funny post too. Thanks!

  3. I’m not an expert on shoes, sorry! I have a few pairs that I tend to wear over and over again. Now that I’m not working in an office any more, even my collection of pumps is way down!

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