Josie and Bailey sittin in a tree

We have two pugs at our lovely abode this weekend!

They have been wrestling, face biting, and chasing each other all over the apartment non-stop.  Unfortunately, the second I tried to get the action on video, they stopped and stared at me.  Their little faces said, “Stop it-uh, you’re embarrassing me!”

Alas, this is what we have on film:

Tomorrow we celebrate Pugtoberfest!!  It entails costumes, contests, and prizes.  I honestly couldn’t be more excited for the hilarity that will ensue.  Hopefully something magical will be caught on camera for you folks.

What are your weekend plans?  Any Oktoberfest celebrations happening?



4 thoughts on “Josie and Bailey sittin in a tree

  1. I don’t know about Oktoberfest celebrations but I’m leaving my kid at her grandfather’s for a few hours today and that is definitely cause for celebration!

    Have a fabulous weekend my friend. Enjoy the lovely weather.

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