Wedding Bliss

My friends John and Bea got married this weekend!!!

I honestly don’t understand how people can hate weddings because I HAVE THE MOST FUN EVER at weddings!  It’s like prom on crack, plus love and lots more alcohol.  And at the end of the night you aren’t worried about being the next star of Teen Mom.  Not that I’m talking about myself, but I hear that happens a lot at prom.

Ok yes, maybe the unity candle, poor choice in prayer, and dry chicken aren’t your cup of tea, but doesn’t it make your heart melt to see two people completely and blissfully in love surrounded by friends and family?  Don’t you want to dance until your undies fall off (I hope somebody else saw that episode of Jersey Shore)?

I’m obviously in a love-filled daze and can’t seem to snap out of it.

While I try to fill my life with more cynical thoughts, here are some wedding snaps:

The Girls

(Yes, I repurposed a bridesmaid dress.  It doesn’t count if it’s a different group of friends, right?)

The baddest couple in town

The only picture of us from the entire night. How romantic. Jonathan looks like he is having a facial seizure and I look sweaty.

Do you love or hate weddings?  What’s the coolest thing you have ever seen at a wedding?


p.s. The pictures are courtesy of my friends Kenny, John, and Jonathan, respectively.


9 thoughts on “Wedding Bliss

  1. You rocked the strap! Fantastic.

    The extremely bizarre/cryptic prayers are the best part because at the end, everyone’s eyebrows are at their hairlines.

    If you have any sort of pre-meal blessing, this is me requesting it in a haiku format.

  2. Who doesn’t love a wedding!?!?!

    I go all gooey when I see the love between 2 partners about to take vows. And, from my seat in the stands (with my partner 10+ years and 2 kids later…), I know that the romance piece is never as simple or as encompassing as it is on the wedding day. So it’s magical!

  3. I love a wedding that is brief but fun. My friend Kaki got married last weekend. It lasted 15 minutes, had us laughing and crying, and was the most fun I’ve had at a wedding in years.The ceremony was short yet sweet. When they called them onto the dance floor for their first dance, the DJ played the NFL intro song and they ran onto the floor with high fives and a chest bump. THAT’s how to you it! I love that last photo of you and Jonathan. That guy in blue framing the photo helps take it to another level of fun. And you totally rock that dress.

  4. Oooh it looks like you had fun! I LOVE weddings, but unfortunately only one of our friends is married (2 months before us) and I don’t think any of the remaining will get hitched! Booo!

  5. I think weddings are mostly fun. I love having an excuse to dress up and celebrate with my friends. Plus, I love seeing all of the unique twists each wedding has. I just came from one that was literary-based. The house drinks were named after classic authors and their centerpieces were vintage books, it was so cool!

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