The Fall Five

Hey team,

I am going to have to muster up some motivation to do both graduate school and blogging.  All of my professors have stressed the importance of “self-care” through the school process, and you all are a part of that.  If I don’t stick to my M-W-F post schedule, I fear I will lose myself in text books and all will be lost.

In essence, you folks keep me sane.

So thank you.

That being said, today’s post can be filed under the category of “Better Late Than Never.”

Kat recently linked me up in her Fall Five linky dinky.  I love reading about Fall all over the internet because it really doesn’t exist in Southern California.  Fall is by far my favorite season, so I have to live vicariously through you on the pumpkin spice lattes and cozy scarves.

So, to make up for the utter lack of seasonal changes around here, these are my Fall Five:

1) Get myself a Fall haircut.  No, I don’t want a pumpkin-shaped bob, but I would like to get a haircut sometime in the fall months.  What a goal huh?

2) Learn more about the DSLR camera I have permanently “borrowed” from Jonathan.  Some day you will see delicious recipes with pictures that aren’t repulsive.  Won’t that be exciting?

3) Complete a 5k without stopping.  I’m getting closer to my goal, but I’ve been on a Run/Walk schedule and I want to run run run the whole time.

4) To fully transition to my own hosted domain.  This is almost done, but I need a few more final touches before we can fully leap forward.

5)  To commit myself to tasting all of the wine possibilities our wedding caterer has offered.  I feel this is urgent.  I might need helpers in this endeavor.


What are your Fall Five?

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16 thoughts on “The Fall Five

  1. Cram at the beginning instead of at the end and you’ll save yourself the meltdown. That applies to most task-oriented situations in life. This advice was free. You’re welcome. 😉

  2. 1. I need a fall haircut as well. Right now the only thing standing between me and a new ‘do is pure laziness. It’s probably time to put an appointment on the calendar.

  3. As much as it stresses me out I stick to my Tuesday and Friday blogging schedule because it makes me find time to do something that I know I love to do. You have a lot on your plate so I admire you for blogging as often as you do!

    My Fall One – Find a new job that I LOVE.

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